Family Caregiver Program

How to Apply

To get information and/or assistance for caregivers, call the Aging and Disability Resource Unit at 240-777-3000.  If you hear a recorded message, it means all staff is already on another call.  You can wait until the next staff person becomes available or you can leave a voice mail message and we will call you back.  You can call for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

Documents To Bring

If staff is assisting you with applying for benefits and services, they will tell you what documentation is needed.  Many benefits and services have financial requirements so information about income and assets will be required.

Eligibility Requirements

There are various services and programs providing financial assistance.  Staff provides eligibility screenings and help completing applications. Eligibility requirements vary.  See link to Eligibility Criteria for Selected Federal and State Programs at  Maryland Department of Aging

Fees and Payments

There are no fees or payment required for services.  Staff makes referrals to other programs in Aging and Disability Services and Health and Human Services.  They may also refer you to non-profit agencies or private fee-for-service agencies.


1. What is Respite Care? 

Respite care is a short-term break for caregivers of frail older adults and people with disabilities.  Respite care can be provided inside or outside the home.  This program is operated by the ARC of Montgomery County. The application process can be initiated by contacting the Arc Montgomery County Respite Services Program at 301-816-9647.  Call us at  240-777-3000 to have an application mailed to you.

2. What are adult day centers?
Licensed medical adult day centers are comprehensive programs specially tailored for adults who need supervision and assistance during the day.  Based in the community, centers bring together health, social and other supportive services in a protective, friendly and non-institutional setting.  See  Licensed Adult Medical Day Care Facilities in Maryland

3. Are there any support groups for caregivers?
Holy Cross Caregiver Resource Center has caregiver support groups.   Call 301-754-7152 or go to the  Holy Cross  site.  Many people find the flexibility and anonymity of online support groups to be useful.   The County's Caregiver blog features more than twenty free caregiver support groups and events in Montgomery County every month.  See more at .  

4. What resources are available for caregivers?
Every day caregivers experience joys and challenges.  All caregivers benefit from practical guidance, emotional support and connection with skilled providers as needed.  In Montgomery County there are helpful supports available through government, nonprofit organizations and private businesses.  Visit for more information.

5. What is a File of Life?

‘File of Life’ is a red plastic, magnetic file pocket that attaches to a refrigerator. The completed information in the file provides emergency medical personnel with quick access to important information, such as medical conditions, medications taken, allergies, medical history and emergency contact information. The ability to access this information can save valuable time, enabling quick assessments of medical situations by emergency medical personnel.  Call for the Aging and Disability Resource Unit at 240-777-3000 for a free File of Life.

6. How can I receive information about County programs and services?
Sign up for our Caregiver eNewsletter and the Senior News.  These newsletters will update you about events and meetings of interest in your community, new or modified programs, benefits and services, changes in policies and/or laws, and other relevant information for seniors and caregivers.  Go to  E-Subscription .  Click on Create An Account or Update and Account.  Select Senior News and Caregiver Support Program under Health and Human Services.

7.  Do you have a brochure?
Yes, it can be accessed here.

Additional Information

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