My Turn Program

How to Apply

Call 240-777-1216 for an interview with a My Turn Program staff member.

Documents To Bring

All documentation pertaining to the child’s developmental disability, including medical records, school records, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and psychological evaluations.

Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County residents ages 3 to 13 years of age with a developmental disability.  The My Turn Program follows the Maryland Developmental Disability Administration's definition of a developmental disability.  According to the DDA, "an individual is considered to have a developmental disability if she/he has a physical or mental condition other than a sole diagnosis of mental illness and needs to have services which are individually planned and coordinated. The condition has to be likely to continue indefinitely and has to be manifested before the age of 22, with the result of the condition being an inability to live independently".

Fees and Payments



What is the fax number for the My Turn Program ?


Additional Information

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