Senior Assisted Living Subsidy Program

How to Apply 

Clients can apply for a subsidy, and group homes can enroll in the program as participants, by mail or in person.  Please call the Aging and Disability Resource Unit at 240-777-3000 to request the required forms.  Clients and group homes re-apply every year.  A client who is approved for participation based on their income and assets (see “Eligibility Standards” below) will be assessed by a Department of Health and Human Services nurse, who will visit and perform this assessment at no cost. 

Documents To Bring 

  • Completed application
  • Proof of income and medical expenses for the previous three months.  Proof of income includes bank statements, Social Security Administration or pension award letters, rental, loan, alimony or other income, etc.  Proof of ongoing medical expenses includes receipts for insurance coverage, prescription drugs, incontinence supplies, doctor visits, and other co-pays showing a client’s out-of-pocket costs.
  • Group homes must fill out the program’s enrollment form with identifying information, and provide current copies of State and County assisted living licenses; the most recent State inspection report showing that the home is not in violation of State regulations; a standard, blank resident agreement used by the group home as a contract with its residents; and a resume or other statement of the assisted living manager’s qualifications. 

Eligibility Requirements


Ages 62 years and older

Income and Assets (As of July 2015.  These may change periodically):

  • for an individual:  $2,793 income and $11,000 assets
  • for a couple:  $3,653 income and $14,000 assets

Health Status:  must require 24 hour supervision as documented by a nurse from the Department of Health and Human Services.  This assessment is provided on-site at no cost to the client. 


Must be licensed by the State and County as conforming with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Fees and Payments 

There is no fee for a client or group home to participate in the program.  However, group homes must agree to limit monthly fees based on each client’s level of care.

 Level 1 $1,650

 Level 2 $2,050

 Level 3 $2,450

These income limits are current as of January 2012.  Limits may change periodically. 

Clients pay the group home based on their available income (as calculated by the program).  The subsidy program pays subsidies directly to the group homes on the clients’ behalf.  


1.  How can I find a group home?

When you apply, you will receive a list of licensed group homes, which clients can contact and visit.  The County’s Long Term Care Ombudsman program is also willing to talk to potential clients about their experience with group homes.  Call the Long Term Care Ombudsman program at 240-777-3369. 

2.  Does the Subsidy program pay the full cost of group home care? 

No, clients and their families normally pay most of the cost using their own resources.  Even the maximum subsidy payment ($650 per month as of January 2012) does not cover the entire cost of care in a group home in Montgomery County.  However, between the client and family’s resources and the County’s subsidy payments, it is usually possible to find a group home that is willing to accept what a client can pay. 

3.  How much does the Subsidy program pay?

Subsidy program staff determine if a client is financially eligible to receive a subsidy (see “Eligibility Standards” for details), and if so, the monthly amount.   The amount is based upon income, eligible medical expenses, and the client’s level of care (as determined by the group home).  The maximum monthly subsidy – established by the State of Maryland – is $650 per month (as of January 2012).  

Additional Information

No additional information at this time