‚Äč Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

The Adult Public Guardianship Review Board conducts semiannual reviews by evaluating the health status and welfare of Montgomery County residents whose guardianship is held by a public agency and makes recommendations to the Court to continue, modify or terminate the guardianship.  All recommendations by the Board to the Court are advisory.  The Board was created June 13, 1980 in compliance with the State of Maryland Adult Protective Services Act of 1977.

Except for purposes of a judicial proceeding under this title, all records of the review board are confidential.

Open Meetings Act

The State’s Adult Public Guardianship Review Boards meet the definition of a “public body” because they were created by State statute, and they are multi-member boards appointed by the Chief Executive’s authority; a political subdivision of Montgomery County.  The County Executive appoints members to the review board.  However, the review board meetings may be conducted in closed sessions when those meetings involve any discussion of specific guardianship cases or other confidential matters.

The records and information upon which the board relies includes information about the provision of social services to people under guardianship.  Such records and information are confidential and prohibited from disclosure under Maryland Code Ann., Human Services, Subsection 1-201, which protects social services records.


The Board meets the third Tuesday of every month from 1 to 3 p.m. at 401 Hungerford Drive, Conference Room 1A, Rockville, MD 20850.  During the pandemic, meetings are held virtually.  The public cannot participate and no audio will be provided.

Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes