Commission on Aging - Area Agency on Aging

The Area Agency on Aging (AAA), headed by Dr. Odile Brunetto, provides a variety of home and community-based services and provides staff support to the Commission on Aging.  In conjunction with community partners, the AAA is actively involved in administering County and state grant awards to contractors for public education/outreach, networking and referrals.
Area Agencies on Aging  were established in 1973 under the federal Older Americans Act (OAA)  to respond to the needs of adults ages 60 and older in every local community.  The AAA strives to develop a range of options that allow older adults to choose the home and community-based services and living arrangements that suit them best.  The AAA is part of a national network of over 670 Agencies established to improve the quality of life for older persons by creating a network that maintains a holistic view of aging.  The AAAs are mandated to "foster the development and implementation of comprehensive and coordinated systems to serve older individuals."    

Commission on Aging
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