Commission on Aging - Enabling Legislation 

The Commission on Aging was established in 1974 and operated under the auspices of the County Council until August 1987, when its operation was transferred to the Executive Branch.  Chapter 27, Article III of the Montgomery County Code created the Commission on Aging under the declared public policy of the County to: 
  • Improve conditions of the aging or elderly in the county;
  • Work toward the elimination of restrictions that impede older citizens from full participation in the mainstream of community life; and
  • Assist and stimulate all levels of government and the community to be more responsive to the needs of the county's older residents.

‚ÄčIn addition, the Commission on Aging serves as the Advisory Council to the Area Agency on Aging as described in the federal Older Americans Act.  Members of the the Commission are appointed by the County Executive and appointments are subject to confirmation by the County Council.  Under a section specifying powers and duties of the Commission, there are several provisions outlining a broad spectrum of powers.  The following two subsections provide a good example of the breadth of the Commission's power:

The Commission shall have the power...

     (a) To research, assemble, analyze and disseminate pertinent data and educational materials relating to activities and programs which will assist in meeting the needs and solving the problems of the aging; to cooperate with public and private agencies,organizations, and individuals in identifying and solving the problems of the aging; and to develop and conduct, as appropriate, in cooperation with County government and other services and programs dealing with the problems and needs of the aging.

     (g) To advise and counsel the residents of the county, the County Council, the County Executive and the various departments of county, state and federal governments on matter involving the needs of the aging, and to recommend such procedures, programs or legislation as it may deem necessary and proper to promote and ensure equal rights and opportunities for all persons, regardless of their age.  

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