Commission on Aging 


The Commission on Aging consists of no fewer than 18 members appointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the County Council.  Members must be county residents of whom a majority shall be age 60 and older.  Members include those who participate in or who are eligible to participate in programs under the Older Americans  Act; local elected officials or their designees, individuals who are or who have been active in government, business, industry, labor, community service, religious, social services, education, the professions; and representatives of major organizations or agencies concerned with aging.


  • Barbar Selter, Chair
  • Edgar Rivas, Vice Chair
  • Kendall Matthews, Secretary
  • Wayne Berman
  • Neal Brown
  • Virginia Cain
  • Betsy Carrier
  • Jean Dinwiddie
  • Joyce Dubow
  • David Engel
  • Nkiru (Niki) Ezeani
  • Arunima Ghosh
  • Mona Grieser
  • Morris Klein
  • Nanine Meiklejohn
  • Ruby Moone
  • Sibo Ncube
  • Karon Phillips
  • Laurie Pross
  • Maritza Rivera
  • Beverly Rollins
  • Kate Smith
  • Mary Sweeney
  • Tho Tran
  • Marsha Weber
  • Arthur Williams
  • T. Ryan Wilson
  • Janice Zalen

Department of Health & Human Services Representation:

  • Dr. Odile Brunetto, Chief, Aging & Disability Services
  • Dr. Patrice McGhee, Director, Area Agency on Aging
  • Tremayne Jones, Office Services Coordinator 

Commission on Aging · 401 Hungerford Drive · Rockville, Maryland 20850 · 240-777-1120