Commission on People with Disabilities

A man who is blind and has a service animal, a young man with Down Syndrome, a person using sign language, a child who uses a wheelchair learning to play baseball, a husband comforting his wife, a man who uses a wheelchair, and several individuals with intellectual disabilities

Patricia Gallalee , Chair  •  Karen Morgret, Vice-Chair

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About the Commission

The Commission advises the County government on the coordination and development of policies for people with disabilities. The County Executive appoints Commission members subject to confirmation by the County Council. The Commission advises the County Executive and the County Council on the needs and concerns of the County's residents who have psychiatric, developmental, physical or sensory disabilities.

The Commission has 25 voting members, and at least nine (9) non-voting members, including:

  • Thirteen (13) voting members who are people with a disability;

  • Three (3) voting members who are parents of people with disabilities;

  • Nine (9) voting members who represent organizations and agencies that provide services or represent people with disabilities;

  • One (1) non-voting member from the Department of General Services, Department of Recreation, Department of Transportation, the Human Rights Commission, Department of Libraries, Housing Opportunities Commission, Montgomery College, Montgomery County Public Schools, Office of Human Resources, Maryland Department of Rehabilitation Services, and M-NCPPC, Montgomery Parks.

  • Two (2) non-voting members from the Department of Health and Human Services.

View the Enabling Legislation - Chapter 27 - Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Article VI, Commission on People with Disabilities

Membership List

View current Commission membership list

InclusionMontgomery:  Dedicated to the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in our Community

We believe that people with disabilities have a right to equitable treatment, a fair allocation of community resources and social connectedness through engagement in the community at the level of their choice.  Self-determination and supporting caregiver families should be at the core of short or long-term support planning.  Individuals indicate their need for transportation, medical, legal, housing, respite, employment, volunteerism and leisure activities and the activities that will make for a meaningful day.  We are dedicated to planning with, for, and serving the whole community regardless of disability, race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic status, family responsibilities, gender identity, presence of children, and family structure or any other characteristic.


Support to the Commission is provided by:

Betsy Luecking, Community Outreach Manager
Carly Clem, Administrative Specialist I


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