Photos: Toddler who has down syndrome; A teenager with a developmental disability reading a book; A father with his two daughters, one of whom has a developmental disability; A group of individuals who all have developmental disabilities

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Commission (IDDC)


About the Commission

Michael D. Greenberg, MD, Chair  
John Whittle, Vice-Chair
Jake Didinsky, Secretary

As enacted, the new IDD Commission includes 25 members, including individuals from the intellectual and developmental disability community, service providers and service agencies, and the Commission on People with Disabilities, who will be focusing on promoting direct communication among families, support staff, private and public organizations and the public about programs and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The commission will also provide educational programs, identify current gaps in services and provide advice and recommendations on best practices to the County and the County Executive.



Monthly Meetings

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Commission meetings are open to the public. Visit the agenda page for more details.

Meeting Notices

  1. DD Policy & Legislation Adhoc Subcommittee - Monday March 4 at 6pm
  2. Full Commission Meeting - Thursday March 21st from 4:25pm - 7pm
  3. Full Commission Meeting - Thursday April 18th from 4:25pm - 7pm
  4. Full Commission Meeting - Thursday May 16th from 4:25pm - 7pm
  5. Full Commission Meeting - Thursday June 20th from 4:25pm - 7pm

The calendar of events below lists upcoming Commission meetings. 


Creating an Inclusive Community

“Montgomery County is committed to creating an inclusive community for all individuals who have a disability so they have access to every opportunity to live a life of their choosing with the necessary supports needed to participate fully in community living.” In accordance with the Commission on People with Disabilities.

Contact Us

Ahmna Khan, Staff Liaison
401 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

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