Images: A woman who uses a wheelchair riding the bus; people entering a Metro rail car;  a man who uses a wheelchair exiting a MetroAccess van; a RideOn bus; a wheelchair accessible van; RideOn VanGo bus (Photos of Metrobus, Metrorail and MetroAccess courtesy of WMATA)

Transportation Network Directory for People with Disabilities and Adults 50+ (PDF)

Taxicab Companies (PDF)

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Montgomery County issues licenses for wheelchair accessible vehicles that meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. There is no additional charge for an accessible taxicab. However, you should request accessible taxicabs in advance.

Please note that drivers may charge you a $1.00 “Personal Service Charge” for loading luggage, packages or a wheelchair that is stowed into a non-accessible sedan.

Montgomery County Division of Transit Services/Special Transportation & Taxicab Regulation
240-777-2227 (V)

Montgomery County, MD Taxicab Meter Rate Schedule
Description Rate
Rate for the initial charge (pick-up) $4.00
For each succeeding one-fourth mile $0.50
Waiting and Traffic Delay Time $28.00 per hour
Additional Passengers $1.00
Personal Service for Loading Items $1.00
Pick-up and Deliver $2.00
Snow Emergency (Charged in the event a snow
emergency is declared by the State for the County)
Service Animal $0.00
Tolls and Surcharges As required.

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