Reach Out - September is Suicide Prevention Month

T he Montgomery County, MD Commission on Veterans Affairs wants you to know that we are here to support you. If you need any support, we have resources for you (Silver Spring Vet Center,  VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Gaithersburg, Serving Together,  Steven A.  Cohen Military Family Clinic at Easterseals Foundation, EveryMind, Montgomery County Crisis Center and others). All of us on the Commission have friends, family, and colleagues who served in Afghanistan or know someone whose life was irrevocably changed by their time or their family/friend member's time there.  We pay special tribute to the Blue Star and Gold Star families. 

Like most in our community, we have followed the fall of Afghanistan this past week with concern and grief. We grieve for those Americans who have lost so much, for our allies in Afghanistan, and for those who face impending human rights atrocities. In the wake of so much tragic recent news, from the rise in deaths due to the Delta variant, to the loss of life in Haiti, to the recent deaths by suicide of our Capital Police Officers, and our troops, we are experiencing heightened anxiety and trauma.
If you need to talk, please reach out and you can find resources in the Commission's Veterans Network Directory - Behavioral Health, Counseling & Wellness Supports.

Wayne Miller,LCSW
Dr. Robert Koffman, MD, MPH
Vice Chair

Montgomery County Commission on Veterans Affairs

Montgomery County Community-Based Outpatient ClinicVA Montgomery County Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (Video) Thousands of veterans live in Montgomery County Maryland. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has opened a state of the art healthcare clinic in Gaithersburg, giving county veterans an option to receive healthcare closer to home. Video features CBOC Staff and County Councilmember Gabe Albornoz, Chair of the HHS Committee. Susan Kenedy, Communications Specialist with the Montgomery County Council, has the story.
Veterans in and around Montgomery County, Maryland now have a closer-to-home option for their health care. The new Montgomery County Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC), located on 15810 Gaither Drive in Gaithersburg, Maryland, provides Veterans with primary care, women’s health, mental health and social work services, as well as nutrition counseling, pharmacy consultations, audiology device fittings and specialty care via clinical telehealth technology. VA community partners will also be on-site to offer access to community resources.

To book an appointment at the new CBOC, just call the VA at 202-745-8000, Option 2, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For VA Medical Advice, call 202-745-8000, Option 3, 24/7. To reach the CBOC Administrative Receptionist, call 301-591-5858, Option 8.

The new CBOC location offers free parking. Conveniently located to the Shady Grove Metro Station via Ride On Bus #63 and #63X. Route #63X provides additional service between Gaither Road & Gaither Drive and the Shady Grove Metro Station to augment Route 63 trips on weekdays. Service is available from approximately 6:20 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

View  VA CBOC Flyer

Enroll in VA Healthcare

Eligibility Criteria
If you served in the active military service and were separated under any condition other than dishonorable, you may qualify for VA health care benefits. Current and former members of the Reserves or National Guard who were called to active duty by a federal order and completed the full period for which they were called or ordered to active duty may be eligible for VA health benefits as well. For more detail information about eligibility, please visit

Here are the convenient ways to apply for enrollment:

By Telephone
The telephone application option is a more convenient way to apply for enrollment, and eliminates the need for a signed paper application.
  • VA staff members will collect the needed information and process the enrollment application for an enrollment determination.
  • To apply, call 1-877-222-VETS (8397), Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m, EST.

Apply Online
Fill out the application online and electronically submit it to VA for processing. No need for additional documents to verify military service. If you were recently discharged, we will get your military information for you.
  • To complete the healthcare application, visit
  • Once you complete the application, you may submit your application online.
  • You will immediately receive a confirmation message notifying you that your application has been received.
  • A signature is not required for online registration.
  • For more information about the application process, visit
  • You will also receive information about the appeals process, if you do not agree with the enrollment decision.

Apply in Person
You may apply in person at your local VA health care facility.
  • Complete the healthcare application online.
  • For more information about the application process, visit
  • You will also receive information about the appeals process, if you do not agreement witht he enrollment decision.

By Mail
Pick up an application at your local VA or download, print, and fill out the 10-10EZ, Application for Health Care. Complete the application (be sure to sign it) and mail to: Health Eligibility Center, 2957 Clairmont Road, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30329-1647.

Required Signature

When you apply in person or by mail, you or the person acting as your Power of Attorney must sign and date the form. If your Power of Attorney signs and dates the form you must submit a copy of the Power of Attorney with the form. If you sign with an "X", then two people that you know must witness you as you sign the form. They must also sign and print their names on the form.

Obtaining an Appointment
You may request a doctor's appointment when you apply for enrollment by checking 'yes' to the question asking if you want an appointment on the application. An appointment will be made witha  VA doctor or provider and you will be notified via mail of the appointment. If you need health care before your scheduled appointment, you may contact the Enrollment Coordinator, Urgent Care Clinic or the Emergency Room at your local VA 

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For more information please call 240-777-1252 (V).

Proudly Supporting the U.S. Uniformed Services, and their families, and Recognizing the Military Service of our Armed Forces