ACCESS to Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders (ACCESS)

How to Apply

Call 240-777-1770 for information and referral, screening for mental health problems and services, and assessments for treatment for mental health and substance abuse services for individuals without insurance.  Apply in person at the Grey Courthouse, 29 Courthouse Square, Suite 101, Rockville, MD.

Documents To Bring

Photo identification, proof of residence in Montgomery County (government issued ID or mail at current address or lease/affidavit from landlord).  If client is being referred by an agency mandating treatment, the referral documents should be provided.

Eligibility Requirements

In person services for individuals without private/commercial medical insurance. Telephone consultation and information and referral services are for all residents and professionals or referring agencies.

Fees and Payments

No private insurance is accepted. The program does accept Maryland Medical Assistance and Medicare.  The client’s insurance company will be billed when insurance information is provided to the program. There are fees associated with most services provided at Access to Behavioral Health Services. Clients will be responsible for co-payments and/or unmet deductibles.  A reduction of fees may be approved for clients in accordance with the Maryland Department of Health sliding fee schedule. To be eligible for a reduction of fees, clients are expected to provide verification of income in the form of pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns.  Letters of support from family members or shelters are accepted.  Clients will not be denied services based on their ability to pay or their immigration status.


1.  Does the County provide mental health and substance use disorder services to people who do not have medical insurance? 

There is a state and federal system to reimburse agencies or individual doctors or therapists who provide mental health and substance use disorder services to individuals with Medicaid or who have serious problems and are low income, but do not have Medicaid. The County also provides some services for such individuals.

2.  Where do I go for mental health or substance abuse treatment if I have medical insurance?  

Contact your insurance provider or primary care doctor for information about how to get a referral to mental health or substance abuse services.

3.  How do I get a family member or friend into substance use disorder or behavioral health treatment?  

Be supportive of him or her coming to understand that he or she may have a problem with which someone professional could help.  Encourage him or her to contact services that will help him or her understand his or her problem or begin the appropriate services. This may include attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for someone beginning to recognize substance use disorder,calling the Crisis Center for someone experiencing a situational or emotional crisis, or calling us to learn about and get a referral to services that could help.


 Additional Information

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