Medication Assisted Treatment

How to Apply

Call  240-777-1770

 Walk-ins are also accepted at the 981 Rollins Avenue, Rockville, MD


Documents To Bring

Proof of residency (mail containing home address or a letter from landlord), valid identification (driver’s license), copy of any insurance cards including Medical Assistance (MA) and primary

Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County residents, 18 years of age and older and addicted to narcotic drugs such as heroin, Oxycodone or Percocet.

Fees and Payments

Fees are charged for services. Maryland Medicaid (MA) and Pharmacy Adult Care (PAC) are accepted. For uninsured individuals, a sliding scale is available to determine the fees, but requires proper documentation of income and size of household. No one is refused services due to inability to pay.


1.  Is this a confidential service?

Yes, all information provided to staff, as well as the services provided, are completely confidential and cannot be released to others without the written consent of the client. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which staff will explain when before receiving  services.

2.  Is the program accessible by public transportation?

Yes,  MAT is located at 981 Rollins Avenue, Rockville, MD, 20852, and is accessible by several public bus routes and Metro’s Twinbrook Station (red line).

3.  If I am pregnant, can I still be admitted into the program? 

Yes,  MAT gives priority to pregnant women, and provides services after confirming the pregnancy with the client.

4. Does your facility have parking and is it accessible to people with disabilities? There is plenty of parking on the street, as well as in the parking lots located around the facility.

Handicap parking is available at the site, and the facility is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time