Infants and Toddlers Program

Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program Equity Survey


The  Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program (MCITP) began working with the  Children's Equity Project (CEP) in Spring 2022. With CEP's guidance, MCITP is conducting various activities which will help us gather information which answers the question,  “To what extent does MCITP advance equity through its policies, procedures, structures, and practices?"

Activities will include focus groups with MCITP parents, early intervention providers, staff members, and other members of the community; a written survey completed by the above groups; the planning of staff training and development around equity; and developing a long-term equity strategic plan with MCITP's leadership team.

Using the information we gather, MCITP will examine our policies, procedures, structures and practices to ensure that MCITP is accessible to all families and that we provide services which will allow all children and families to thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

See the MCITP's Equity Audit flyer for more information. 

Make your voice heard! Complete MCITP's equity survey .



How to Apply

If your child is between the ages of birth to 34 ½ months old and you have a concern about his or her development, please visit or call 240-777-3997 to apply. You can also check out the MCPS website at toddlers/

If your child is older than 34 ½ months, please call Childfind at 301-947-6080.

Documents To Bring

Not applicable.

Eligibility Requirements

If we determine that your child demonstrates a 25% developmental delay in any one of five areas of development (cognitive, communication, social/emotional, motor and self help); or is developing in a way that is considered “atypical” for most children his or her age; or has a diagnosed condition that is likely to affect development, such as a genetic disorder or vision impairment, he or she will qualify for services.

Fees and Payments

There is no cost for this program


1. How soon are appointments scheduled?

After you have completed the intake application, an Early Intervention Specialist (EIS) will call you to schedule an in-home appointment. This initial appointment will be scheduled within 10-15 business days. This visit will be followed by a second visit from one of our assessment teams.   Once your child is assessed, meets eligibility criteria, and is enrolled in the program, your child will begin receiving services.

2.Where do appointments take place?

Most appointments will take place wherever your child spends the day (“your child’s natural environment”). This could be in your home or other community setting.

3. What if I do not speak English?

Interpretation services are available at no cost.

4.  What happens during the assessment?

The assessment team is made up of at least two early childhood developmental specialists. This may include speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, vision or hearing specialists, nurses and special educators. You may be asked to complete checklists about your child’s development.  If your child is old enough, the specialists may play special games with him or her to determine your child’s strengths and challenges in five developmental areas: cognitive, communication (speech), social-emotional, adaptive (self help skills such as feeding and dressing), and gross and fine motor skills (such as using hands age appropriately, sitting up, rolling over, and walking).

5.  What is my role as a parent? Do I have any input in the process?

As a parent, you are the expert on your child and your role is very important. You will be asked to participate as a team member in the development of your child’s services. You will help decide what goals are important for your child and family.

6.  After my child qualifies for services, what happens when the therapist comes to my home or child care center to provide services?

Therapists, or providers, will demonstrate and model techniques for you to use with your child. They will teach you strategies and activities that you can do with your child during your daily routine that will promote your child’s development.         

7. If we live in Montgomery County but my child attends child care in another county, can he/she receive services at the child care center?

Yes, services can be provided by MCITP as long as a child resides in Montgomery County. If your family resides outside of Montgomery County, you should contact the Infants and Toddlers Program in your county of residence.

8.  If my child is not found eligible in the first assessment, can I re-apply to the program with the same area of concern or another concern?  

Yes, you may apply to the program again to have your child re-assessed in the same area or a different one.   

Additional Information