Street Outreach Network

How to Apply

Call 240-773-1229, or get a referral from one of our partners.

Documents To Bring


Eligibility Requirements

Ages 12-24

Fees and Payments



1.  How can I get out of a Gang?

There are many programs available that will support you in trying to exit gang life.

2.  How do I address gang involvement in my home?

Access home based services available by the Street Outreach Network

3.  What can the community do to address gangs?

Organize a gang prevention, intervention, and suppression forum which the Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator can provide.

4.  What services are available for gang involved youth?

There are many services available through the Street Outreach Network and the Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator.

5.  Do you provide gang prevention and intervention training?

Yes, The Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator along with the Street Outreach Network provide this type of training.

 Additional Information

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