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Tree House Child Advocacy Center

How to Apply

Families are referred to the Tree House from Child Welfare Services and/or law enforcement agencies.  

Documents To Bring


Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County residents

Fees and Payments

There is no charge for Tree House evaluations.  Therapeutic services can be provided free of charge depending upon case circumstances. 


1.  Can I bring my child to the Tree House if I suspect he/she has been abused?

Any time an allegation of abuse occurs, law enforcement and Child Protective Services must be involved. The  CAC  does not investigate the alleged abuse. We provide services to collect the evidence for an investigation and help the child and family overcome trauma.  Tree House staff cannot interview or examine children without the coordinated approach of the multidisciplinary team.

2.  How do I report suspected child abuse and neglect?

To report abuse or neglect of a child in Montgomery County call Child Protective Services at 240-777-4417 or call the Department of Police, Family Crimes Division at 240-773-5400

3.  What will happen when my child comes to the Tree House?

Your child will be interviewed by a trained professional and will meet a victim advocate.  The purpose of the interview is to have the victim ‘tell their story just once’.  All professionals, including police and Child Protective Services will have access to the results of the interview.  You child will also receive a medical evaluation by professionals with expertise in child abuse and neglect.  The Tree House also has therapists on-site who can provide on-going help.

4.  How should I prepare my child for a visit to the Tree House?

Parents are encouraged to prepare their child for a visit by explaining that this is a place where children come to talk to someone about what may have happened to them. Children should be instructed to tell the truth and should be told that it is "ok" to talk to our interviewer.   We strongly encourage parents to tell children that they will have a head-to-toe check up and that a medical provider will look at their entire body.

5. Will my child require counseling as a result of this experience?

The Tree House staff will help you decide the most appropriate type of follow-up care.  Many children benefit from short-term trauma focused counseling and if indicated, we can arrange for such services for your childr.

6.  How much does the medical care cost?  How much does therapy for my child cost?

The Tree House does not charge for its services.  We offer counseling services that are specific to the trauma of child abuse and neglect.  We make every effort to ensure that services are available for families, however therapy funds are limited.

7.  Does the Tree House accept donations?

The Tree House is grateful to individuals and groups who donate to help victims of abuse.  All donated funds go towards needed services for children and families.   We also accept donations of new toys, books and clothing which are made available to families in need.

8.  Does the Tree House use volunteers?

We are always looking for volunteers to assist in fundraising and public awareness efforts.  Volunteers can help plan and execute an annual event on behalf of the Tree House, participate in information fairs or  PTA  meetings, or conduct trainings for community organizations.  Because of the background and training requirements for people who work in a setting like the Tree House, we currently do not have any volunteer opportunities that work directly with children and families.

9.  Where can I learn more about child abuse or the Tree House Child Assessment Center?

Visit our  website.   You will find a video of our program along with information about child abuse and how the Tree House makes a difference.

Additional Information

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