Medical Care for Uninsured Adults (Montgomery Cares)

How to Apply

During this period of COVID-19 response, residents should call the Montgomery Cares Clinic of their choice to enroll.

Documents To Bring

Please bring the following papers to your first appointment.

1.  Proof of your income, for example:

  • Paycheck or unemployment stubs,
  • Last year’s tax returns if available
  • Letter from your employer, or
  • Letter from friend/family providing you financial help

2.  Proof that you live in Montgomery County (you need to have at least one item on the list below)

  • Mortgage or lease
  • Property tax bill
  • Utility bill with complete name and address  (cell phone bill not accepted)
  • School records
  • Driver’s license or Maryland State ID Card
  • Signed Federal Tax Return/W2 (Current Year)
  • Recent pay stubs with name and address
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Letter from landlord/third party host with host’s proof of residency


Eligibility Requirements

People who are eligible for Montgomery Cares must:

  • Be age 18 or older
  • Be uninsured
  • Have an income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Be a resident of Montgomery County
  • Not be enrolled or eligible for health insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, commercial insurance or employee-sponsored coverage.

Fees and Payments



1.  Where should I go to obtain services?

Montgomery Cares clinic services are available at approximately 25 locations throughout the county.  Call 311 for information about a clinic near you.  Then call the clinic and make an appointment.    Information about service locations can also be found at  Montgomery Cares clinics.

2.  Do I have to pay for services?

Montgomery Cares clinics set their own fees, which vary by location.  Contact your clinic for more information.

3.  Can I go to a Montgomery Cares provider if all I need is help with paying for prescriptions?

No.  You must be a Montgomery Cares patient in order to get help with prescriptions from this program.  Montgomery Cares is available to low-income, adult Montgomery County residents who are uninsured.



Additional Information

As of July 1, 2019, the DHHS Office of Eligibility and Support Services will conduct eligibility for the Montgomery Cares program. No appointment is required.