Colorectal Cancer Screening

How to Apply

Call 240-777-1750 to discuss your eligibility for the program, and to schedule an appointment.

Application  (English)
Application (Spanish)

Provider Client Referral Form

Documents To Bring

One proof of residency in your name from the following list:

  • current lease
  • mortgage statement
  • utility bill

One proof of earned income (total family income); from the following list:

  • Most recent year’s taxes or W-2 statement
  • Two most recent pay stubs or Social Security entitlement letter
  • Notarized letter from you, stating you are not working and do not have any income    

One photo identification card from the following list:

  • Maryland driver’s license
  • Maryland  identification card
  • Permanent resident card (Green card)
  • Passport
  • Work authorization card

Eligibility Requirements

  • Montgomery County resident
  • Must be uninsured or under-insured
  • Family income no higher than 250% of federal poverty guidelines
  • 45 years of age or older for colorectal cancer screening with no current diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Fees and Payments

There is no charge for screening for eligible County resident.


1.   Do you offer cancer treatment?

Our program is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of cancer prevention, screening, and early detection. We provide cancer screenings for eligible residents, who do not have a current diagnosis of cancer.  However, if cancer is detected through our screening program, limited funding is available for treatment.  We will collaborate with community and healthcare partners to link clients to resources for treatment services.  We do not treat individuals those who are already diagnosed with cancer.  

2.  How do I sign up for cancer screening?

If you meet our eligibility requirements call 240-777-1222 to discuss any questions you may have and to set up an eligibility appointment.   

3.  What are the recommended screening guidelines for colorectal cancer?

Colonoscopy screening should start at the age of 50. If you have a family history of cancer in a first degree relative under the age of 60, or a personal history of inflammatory bowel disease, screening should start sooner.

4.  What if I had a colonoscopy previously?

If you were screened within the past 10 years, we would like to review your last colonoscopy report before scheduling an eligibility appointment.   Please call 240-777-1222 to discuss the next step.

5. What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a non-surgical procedure to check for signs of early cancer.  It allows the doctor to directly view and often treat problems of the lower digestive tract (colon) using an instrument called a colonoscope. If a polyp (small growth) is found in the colon, it can be removed during the colonoscopy procedure. You need to do a special preparation, following the doctor’s advice, before the colonoscopy procedure.

6. Is a colonoscopy painful?

You are usually sedated, (asleep) so you will not feel any pain.  While it may be slightly uncomfortable, it should not hurt.

7. How do I get screened (checked) for Oral Cancer?

If you are eligible for the Montgomery County Cancer Screening Program, please call 240-777-1222 to ask about upcoming free Cancer Screening and information sessions or events near you that may include Oral Cancer Screening.  If you attend one of these sessions and are eligible for the Montgomery County Program, a dental professional will provide a free examination to check for possible signs that could indicate Oral cancer or problems that could lead to Oral Cancer.  The County's Cancer Screening Program will provide follow up and referrals to the County's Dental Program or to other medical providers, if needed.


Additional Information

What is a Colonoscopy?   (video)