Administrative Care Coordination-Ombudsman Program (ACCU)

Administrative Care Coordination Brochure

How to Apply

No application necessary.  Call 240-777-1635 for more information or visit us at 1401 Rockville Pike, Second Floor-Suite 2400, Rockville, MD  20850

Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County residents enrolled in Medical Assistance/Health Choice    


1.  What is the Administrative Care Coordination Unit ?
The ACCU provides assistance to Montgomery County residents who need help navigating the Medical Assistance/HealthChoice system and accessing their benefits.  Staff also helps resolve disputes between the client and the Managed Care Organizations.

2. How do I access the ACCU services?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Call us at 240-777-1635 or visit us at
1401 Rockville Pike, Second Floor-Suite 2400

3.  What services does the ACCU provide?

  • Once you are enrolled in Medical Assistance/HealthChoice, the ACCU can help with navigating the managed care system and with understanding your health care benefits and how to access them
  • Assists with choosing a Managed Care Organization that best fits your individual and family needs
  • Helps you find prenatal providers, primary care providers, pediatric providers, and dentists
  • Assists with linking you to medical transportation and other community resources
  • Assists with care coordination involving complex medical issues
  • Acts as an advocate to fully address your health care needs
  • Helps to resolve Medical Assistance/HealthChoice complaints
  • Informs about your appeal and grievance rights under HealthChoice

Additional Information

For information on how to apply for Medical Assistance/Health Choice, vist the Medical Assistance Programs website.