Client Services for Medicaid/Health Choice

How to Apply

These services are for county residents who are already enrolled in Medicaid/Health Choice.  No further application is necessary for care coordination services.   Call
240-777-1635 or dial 311 for more information.

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Eligibility Requirements

Enrollment in Medicaid/Health Choice    

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1.  What is the Administrative Care Coordination Unit ?

Funded by a grant from the Maryland Department of Health, the Administrative Care Coordination/Ombudsman Program’s sole purpose is to perform Medicaid-related care coordination, ombudsman and other Medicaid administrative duties for Medicaid beneficiaries.  The ACC/Ombudsman staff will ensure that Medical Assistance (MA) beneficiaries receive support in accessing, navigating and facilitating the utilization of Medicaid services. Other administrative activities will include increasing the overall awareness of the Medical Assistance Program.

2. How do I access the care coordination and assistance services?

  • If you have Medicaid/HealthChoice, call 240-777-1635 or dial 311 for more information or to request assistance.
  • If you have a complaint or complicated issue, call the free HealthChoice Enrollee Help Line at the Maryland Department of Health: 1-800-284-4510. 

3. What services do the County care coordination units provide?

If you have Medicaid/HealthChoice, the care coordination unit can:

  • Link you to appropriate health care resources.
  • Provide  education to all referrals received from the State and from local health providers.
  • Assist Medicaid recipients to smoothly use and understand how to get the care they need through the Medicaid/HealthChoice managed care system.     

4.  What is the role of the Medicaid/HealthChoice Ombudsman?

The HealthChoice Ombudsman responds to State requests and referrals to investigate disputes between Medicaid/HealthChoice enrollees and their Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

5. What types of complaints does the Medicaid/HealthChoice Ombudsman handle?

The Ombudsman handles complex issues at the request of the State that come through the HealthChoice Enrollee Help Line.  This may include transportation problems, denial of certain health services, access to care problems or issues related to people with special needs.

 6. How do I use the free HealthChoice Enrollee Help Line?

If you have a problem or complaint about your Medical Assistance services or your Managed Care Organization (MCO), or if need assistance using the program call
1-800-284-4510 .  The HealthChoice Enrollee Help Line will:

  • Answer questions about a Managed Care Organization’s (MCO) policies and procedures
  • Connect you with staff who can respond to your complaint
  • Attempt to resolve issues by contacting the MCO directly; or refer issues that cannot be resolved to the Complaint Resolution Unit.

Additional Information

Administrative Care Coordination Brochure