Improved Pregnancy Outcomes Program

How to Apply

Please call 240-777-3967 or 240-777-1289 to speak to program staff about a stillbirth or death of a baby.  

Documents To Bring

No documents are required

Eligibility Requirements

Stillbirth or death of a baby

Fees and Payments



1.  What resources are available for counseling or grief support after a stillbirth or death of a baby?

We have a listing of current bereavement support programs that are local or statewide as well as a list of internet resources that are updated annually. 

2.  How can I reduce the risk for the loss of a baby?

Plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy by becoming healthy first.  Do not smoke or drink alcohol, reach a healthy weight, take 400 mcg of folic acid every day, and seek treatment for medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

3.  Can I share my pregnancy loss experience with the Improved Pregnancy Outcome program?

Our staff appreciates hearing from any grieving parent who has recently lost a baby.  Your experience will help us identify improvements needed in the health care system.


Additional Information

The Improved Pregnancy Outcomes Program has a new brochure with information about increasing your chances of having a healthy baby someday by becoming healthy and planning your pregnancies. The  My Reproductive Life PLan PDF document is available which you may download and print.