Maternal and Child Nurse Case Management

How to Apply

No application is required.  Women, who are enrolled in the County Maternity Partnership program for prenatal services, and/or their infants, will be assessed and provided nurse case management if needed.

Documents To Bring


Eligibility Requirements

Uninsured, pregnant women enrolled in the Montgomery County Maternity Partnership program, or babies of those women, who need nurse case management services.

Fees and Payments



1.  Does the county provide Nurse Case Management for Pregnant Women with Medical Assistance? 

No, the woman’s Managed Care Organization should provide that service.  However, women with Medical Assistance are eligible for care coordination and health information services from the County.             

2.   What is Nurse Case Management? 

Nurse Case management is a service that provides individual supportive health education and care coordination services, such as teaching how to be healthy during pregnancy, how to prepare for the delivery and how to care for the baby after the birth.

3.  Where is case management provided? 

Case management is usually provided in the home.  Prenatal classes are provided in the health center.  

4.  What is care coordination for women with Medical Assistance?

Care coordination is supportive services usually provided through phone calls, and includes referrals to other resources for assistance.  It does not include home visiting.  


 Additional Information

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