Teen Pregnancy Prevention

How to Apply

See your School Nurse for information about the program.

Documents To Bring


Eligibility Requirements

Students enrolled in a Montgomery County Public School middle school or high school

Fees and Payments

No fees are charged to see the School Nurse.  Community partners may charge a fee for some services.


1.  Do you hand out condoms?

No, the School Nurse provides education, information and referrals.

2.  Can parents be present when the school nurse talks to their teenage child?  

A teen must give permission for his/her parents to be present, except when the topics being discussed are life-threatening.

3.  Will anyone find out that a teenager talked to the School Nurse?  

Conferences with the School Nurse are confidential unless the student requests otherwise, or there is a need to notify others under the law.

4.  Can I bring a friend when I come to talk to the nurse?  

Yes, the nurse can talk to you and a friend if you are more comfortable, and if at any time you want to talk one-on-one, or if the nurse feels it is appropriate to talk by yourself, the nurse will have your friend wait for you.

5.  Where does the school nurse get the information she gives to a student?

All information is from qualified health care sources.

Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time