Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The program provides services to the community to increase awareness about the hazards of lead exposure, to increase the number of children tested for blood lead poisoning, and to decrease lead poisoning in children. In collaboration with Maryland Department of Environment, the program offers home visitation, environmental home inspections, and health education to families of severely lead-poisoned children. Telephone contact and educational materials are provided to families of moderately lead-poisoned children. Information and education are provided to the general public, medical providers and community based organizations. Services include: • Case management for children who have blood levels of at least 10 micrograms per deciliter • Education and outreach to schools, day care centers, landlords, residents and the medical community about lead poisoning • Monitoring the incidence of childhood and environmental lead poisoning and lead poisoning hazards • Compliance with school mandate that all Pre-K, kindergarten and 1st graders living in identified “at risk” areas have documentation of lead screening on file at their school • Promotion of lead-safe environments for children in Montgomery County • Providing a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum loaner service to County residents to help free homes and apartment of lead dust and hazards associated with lead-based paint.

Service(s): Infants/Toddlers
Lead Poisoning Screening
Preschool Age Children
Target Population:
Information Number: 240-777-3160


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