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The Nadim Khan Memorial Homeless Resource Day 

Thank you for your interest in the Nadim Khan Memorial Homeless Resource Day (HRD).  Montgomery County has had extraordinary success over the past several years connecting persons experiencing homelessness to housing.  As a result we have been able to make homelessness among veterans and persons experiencing chronic homelessness rare, brief and one-time.  The Inside (Not Outside) community-wide effort has successfully housed more than 350 individuals.

The HRD was an important strategy in these efforts and given the progress we have made in housing more than 350 individuals, we are taking time during 2018 to assess the format and resources offered.  The next HRD will be held during 2019 and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Thanks to all who have participated in HRD during the last seven years for your support and effort to help end homelessness in our community.

Homeless Resource Day Planning Committee

What is Homeless Resource Day?

Homeless Resource Day is a one-day, one-stop opportunity for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness to access services, resources and information.  

The date for the 2018 Homeless Resource Day is to be determined.  Please check back for the date to be posted.


Homeless Resource Day is a nationwide initiative to provide assistance to those experiencing homelessness.  Montgomery County and the City of Gaithersburg have sponsored the event annually since 2011 with the assistance of homeless provider agencies, public and private partners throughout the county. Homeless Resource Day (HRD) 2015 served more than 400 households.  

Since its inception in 2011, Nadim A. Khan, former Chief of Special Needs Housing spearheaded this event.  This year Homeless Resource Day will be renamed to honor Nadim Khan for his strong advocacy and leadership in the field of homelessness and his initiative over the years in making this event a huge success.  

Guest Responses

Since 2011, Homeless Resource Day has helped over 900 individuals and families access services and resources.  Comments from the residents and volunteers include the following:

Click to read the  2017 Guest Report 

  • "Thanks to everyone and the amazing services and patience.  I really appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart."
  • "This was awesome that the community gives back to help people in need."
  • "It was a wonderful experience.  Exceeded expectations."


Our 2017 sponsors were the State of Maryland, Montgomery County Government, the City of Gaithersburg, Qiagen, the Covenant United Methodist Church of Montgomery Village and Maryland Physician Care.  Over 60 services providers and donors participated last year (click here for the complete list of Sponsors | Donors | Service Providers).    


Among the services planned for this event are housing assistance, health care education and information, flu shots, shelter information, legal consultation, haircuts, information about Veterans Administration benefits, Social Security benefits, and non-drivers identification cards from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and more...




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