Interagency Commission on Homelessness - Membership

The Interagency Commission on Homelessness consists of no fewer than 25 members appointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the County Council.  Members include representatives of the County's Departments of Health and Human Services; Correction and Rehabilitation; Housing and Community Affairs; and Police; Offices of the County Executive; the County Council; Housing Opportunities Commission; Montgomery County Public Schools; Mayors of the City of Gaithersburg, Rockville and Takoma Park; the U.S.... Department of Veterans Affairs or Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs; the County Sheriff; the County's Legislative Delegation; the County Continuum of Care; and four members of the public, at least one of who must be a homeless or formerly homeless resident of Montgomery County, and at least one of whom must be a representative of a hospital located in Montgomery County.  All members are voting members.

Interagency Commission on Homelessness

  • Amy Horton-Newell, Chair
  • Brian Tracey, Vice-Chair
  • Uma S. Ahluwalia
  • Dr. Jonathan Brice
  • Dr. Sheryl Brissett Chapman
  • Dr. Raymond Crowel
  • Betsy Davis
  • Kim Emerson
  • Robert Green
  • Amanda Harris
  • Louise Kauffmann
  • Susan Kirk
  • Councilmember George Leventhal
  • Mayor Bridget Newton
  • Shane Rock
  • Brian Roynestad
  • Abe M. Schuchman
  • Stanley Seidel
  • Susie Sinclair-Smith
  • Clarence J. Snuggs 
  • Stacy Spann
  • Jeffery O. Thames
  • Mayor Moses Wilds
  • Delegate Craig Zucker

​Department of Health and Human Services Staff Support:

Nili Soni, Continuum of Care Coordinator

Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Special Needs Housing
401 Hungerford Drive, 5th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850

[email protected]