Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA)

As the State-mandated local behavioral health authority, this program is responsible for planning, management, and monitoring of public behavioral health services for children with serious social, emotional and behavioral health challenges, as well as adults and older adults living with behavioral health needs. The functions include developing and managing a full range of treatment and rehabilitation services, including services for persons with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders, persons who are homeless, and persons who have been incarcerated and/or are on conditional release.  This program now manages all service area contracts.

LBHA services include the ongoing development of a resiliency and recovery-oriented continuum of services that provide for consumer choice and empowerment, including a team dedicated to behavioral health prevention efforts within the jurisdiction.  Substance Use and Suicide Prevention staff work to reduce alcohol and other drug use and misuse and bring awareness of suicide in Montgomery County.  Programming is evidence-based and available for all ages across the lifespan. All efforts utilize the principles of  harm reduction, which is grounded in justice and human rights and focuses on minimizing negative health, social, and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug polices, and drug laws.  For more information, see  www.KnowtheRisksMC.org and  www.BTheOne.org.

See our guide to Montgomery County Behavioral Health Resources (pdf)

Mission Statement: To advance and promote behavioral health and accessible, equitable, quality behavioral health services in Montgomery County.
Service(s): Behavioral Health Information/Education
Planning/Coordinating/Advisory Groups
Harm Reduction and Substance Use and Suicide Prevention Services
Target Population All Montgomery County residents
Information Numbers: 240-777-1400
240-777-1628 (electronic fax - please send materials, including RRP applications, to this fax number rather than via postal mail)
240-777-3307 (electronic fax for other Local Behavioral Health Authority programs)
240-777-1836 (Harm Reduction Services)
Locations: 401 Hungerford Drive, 1st floor (main location)
7300 Calhoun Place (Prevention)
1500 East Gude Drive (Harm Reduction)

Important Information

How to Apply


Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County Residents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q - I heard the focus of LBHA is on mental health - but I have a loved one with a substance use disorder.  Can I still contact you?
A - Yes, please do.  The LBHA focuses on all behavioral health disorders, including substance use disorder, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders.

Q - Is the LBHA the same as the old Core Services Agency?
A - Yes, but an expanded version.  In July 2017, Montgomery County merged its mental health-focused Core Service Agency with the substance use disorder Local Addiction Authority to create the Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA).

Q - I am furious with my daughter's mental health provider and want to make a complaint.  Can I file a complaint with the LBHA?
A - Yes. 

Q - Do you staff who speak Spanish?
A - Yes, there are staff members who speak Spanish.  Se habla Espanol. 

Q - If I come in, will you give me a substance use disorder assessment?
A - Mental health or substance use disorder assessments are provided by the Access to Behavioral Health program.  Call them at 240-777-1770.

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Fees and Payments


Please see Optum's website ( https://maryland.optum.com/ ) for more information about available services within the Public Behavioral Health System, including provider information, fee schedule, and information for families and caregivers.  Optum is the Maryland Administrative Services Organization.

Additional Information

Sara Rose, Acting Director