Nurse helping elderly man walk with a cane at Assisted Living facility

Domiciliary Care/Assisted Living is provided in a facility but can be provided in a private residence (see group home). These facilities provide housing, personalized and health-related services to meet the needs of residents who need assistance to perform the activities of daily living. Domicilairy Care/Assisted Living programs are licensed for 17 or more residents and a license must be obtained before operating a program.

These permits, applications and licenses must be renewed annually for Montgomery County.

 As of July 1, 2021 Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services no longer inspects Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities on behalf of the State of Maryland.  Questions of concerns related to quality of care at a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility should be directed to the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality.
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Domiciliary Care (Assisted Living) Process Guide


1. Apply Online

Domiciliary Care (Assisted Living) Documentation


Domiciliary Care (Assisted Living) License Application

Online, PDF

Use & Occupancy Permit (9+ Occupants)-for new construction and changes of use or ownership only


State of MD Office of Health Care Quality Group Home License


Fire Permit for
Montgomery County
Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services
Fire Permit for
City of Gaithersburg
City of Gaithersburg
Permitting and Inspections
Fire Permit for
City of
City of Rockville Fire Protection Permits and Procedures

2. Review

  1. Review: be sure to double check all of your paperwork to ensure faster processing time. You must submit all your documentation together.

  2. Review: be sure to double check all of your paperwork to ensure faster processing time.
  3. Submit online: We now offer a platform powered by CivicGov for filing an application and paying fees online. We provide this digital platform to decrease the use of paper and our impact on the environment. PDF applications should be mailed to the Licensure & Regulatory Services office (2425 Reedie Drive, 9th floor, Wheaton, MD 20902) or faxed to 240-777-3088

3. Approval

If approved you will hear back from us within 10 - 14 business days.

  • 240-777-3986

> Helpful Domiciliary Care (Assisted Living) Resources

The links below will help with the completion of submitting documentation required by Montgomery County DHHS and the state of Maryland to effectively operate a Domiciliary Care (Assisted Living) Programs.

Fire Permit per Jursidiction:
  1. Montgomery County Fire Permit
  2. City of Gaithersburg Fire Permit
  3. City of Rockville Fire Permit

Obtaining a State License: Office of Health Care Quality
or call 410-402-8144 or 877-402-8219.