Nurses helping elders in a nursing home - nurse assisting elderly man pushing walker

A group home for the elderly is a community residential program for three to 16 unrelated individuals. Residents need assistance with medications and activities of daily living. Services are intended to assist residents to reach their optimal level of functioning.
Licenses are renewed annually.
According to Montgomery County Code Chapter 23A-8 (a) “A building must not be advertised or used as a group home until the Director issues an annual license. A building must not be advertised or used as a group home after a license has expired or has been revoked or suspended.”
Listed below is the information needed to apply to receive a license for a Group Home for the Elderly.

For assistance with services, email [email protected]

Elderly Group Home Process Guide

1. Apply Online

Eldery Group Home Documentation Format
Elderly Group Home License Application Packet (New) Online,
Elderly Group Home License Application Packet (Renewal) Online,
State of MD Office of Health Care Quality Elderly Group Home License (Assisted living) Website

2. Review

  1. Have a Plan: to ensure we can process your application properly - you must have a plan. Describe plan type.
  2. Review: be sure to double check all of your paperwork to ensure faster processing time.
  3. Submit online: We now offer a platform powered by CivicGov for filing an application and paying fees online. We provide this digital platform to decrease the use of paper and our impact on the environment. PDF applications should be mailed to the Licensure & Regulatory Services office (2425 Reedie Drive, 9th floor, Wheaton, MD 20902) or faxed to 240-777-3088.
3. Approval

If approved you will hear back us within 10 - 14 business days. The final task of the licensing process is an inspection by an assigned health care facility inspector.

Helpful Elderly Group Home Resources

The links below will help in assisting in the completion of documentation required by Montgomery County DHHS and the State of Maryland to effectively run an Elderly Group Home.

Important Contact Numbers: County, State & Local. Obtaining a State License or call 410-402-8144 or