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Calories for standardized menu items should be listed adjacent to that item on the menu.

Menu Labeling is required in Montgoemry County under Regulation 15 , for eating and drinking establisments with at least 20 locations in the United States.
According to Montgomery County Code, all establishments shall provide "the calories for each standardized menu item on the menu or menu board should be adjacent to the name of that item and additional nutritional information will be provided to a consumer upon request."

Menu Labeling Documentation Format
FDA Food Labeling Guidelines PDF

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Sample Menu that lists calories for each standard menu item

Sample Menu Board that lists standard menu items with calories

Menu & Menu Board Regulation 15 Labeling

  1. Calories: For each standard menu item in a manner that is clear and conspicuous to the customer.
  2. Rounding Calories: Refer to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Titles 9 and 21 for additional information on rounding nutritional values.
  3. Abbreviation for "calorie": cal. or C
  4. Font Size: each font may be no less than 8pts in height.
  5. Typeface: Chosen typeface must be readable and ledgible.
  6. Daily Caloric Intake: A statement as to the current suggested daily caloric intake determined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. An example of an approved statement is: "A 2,000 calorie diet is used as the basis for general nutrition advice. However, individual caloric needs may vary. Visit www.mypyramid.gov for more information."
  7. Additional Nutritional Information: A statement that additional nutrition information is available in writing upon consumer request.
  8. Alcohol: National values should be used for alcoholic beverages. Each size offering must have a calorie count or the minimum and maximum range posted.