Emergency Preparedness

Welcome to the webpage for the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program (PHEP&R).  The program plans, prepares, responds and recovers from major incidents affecting the public’s health.  The objectives of the program are to:

·         Plan for a public health emergency in order to mitigate the impact on the community.

·         Educate the community to encourage family, friends and neighbors to prepare for an emergency.

·         Respond to large incidents that affect the public health and government infrastructure.

·         Assist in the recovery from emergencies to ensure a safe and healthy community.

Please note:  As of September 27, 2012 the Montgomery APC has closed.  If you are looking for tools or resources developed by the APC please go to the NACCHO webpage  www.apc.naccho.org .  Please contact NACCHO with any questions or concerns you may have.