COVID-19: Food Resources

Food Assistance Near You

Use the Food Assistance Referral Map to find food providers near you. The map leads you to food assistance providers. You can enter your address to find providers near you. You can also search for providers who speak particular languages, offer delivery, or have other special services. Click on the "SHOW FILTERS" button to search for these features.

Meals for Children

For free meals for children, check out the Montgomery County Public Schools Meal Sites .

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP (formally known as Food Stamps)

To apply for SNAP (previously referred to as Food Stamps), click HERE. Special benefits are available during the pandemic, including increased minimum benefits and special resources for families with school-aged children. Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services helps process SNAP applications. Call 240-777-1003.

You can also call Maryland Hunger Solutions can assist you over the phone with your SNAP application.  Call 866-821-5552.

Additional SNAP Information:

Women Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC provides healthy foods, health education, breastfeeding support, and other services free of charge to pregnant and postpartum women, infants and children who qualify.

To apply for the WIC program, please visit the WIC website or call 301-762-9426.

Meals for Older Adults

  • Are you unable to prepare meals as a result of illness or disability? See the resource listings below under Meal Delivery.
  • Are you able to pay for food but lack a safe way to get groceries? See the resource listings below under Grocery Delivery Options.
  • Are you unable to pay for all of your food and need someone to deliver food to your home? See the resource listings under Food Assistance Providers who can Deliver.

Meal Delivery

The following organizations can deliver prepared meals to individuals who are unable to shop or prepare meals for themselves.

Islamic Center of Maryland

  • 240-912-4876 x6
  • Call to schedule an appointment

Jewish Social Service Agency

  • 301-816-2639, Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm
  • Languages: Russian
  • Feature: Kosher

Silver Spring Cares

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Meals on Wheels, Inc.,

  • 301-654-4610, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am-11 am
  • Documentation Required, Fee for Service
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations

Meals on Wheels Colesville

  • 301-384-7440
  • Mon-Fri, 9:30am-1 pm
  • Fee for Service
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations

Damascus Meals on Wheels

  • 301-414-5447
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations

Gaithersburg Meals on Wheels, Inc.

Meals on Wheels of Germantown

  • 301-706-0262
  • Meals for Mon-Fri, home delivery Mondays, 10:30 am-1 pm
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations

Rockville Meals on Wheels,

  • 301-340-1559
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations

Meals on Wheels of Takoma Park/Silver Spring

  • 301-434-1922, Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm
  • Fee for Service
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Features: Benefits Counseling, Special Diet Accommodations, Fresh Produce

Meals on Wheels of Wheaton

  • 301-942-1111
  • Meals delivered Mon-Fri, 11:30 am-1pm
  • Accessibility: Fee for Service

Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland

For other areas, call Montgomery County Aging & Disability Services, 240-777-3000.

Useful map for Meals on Wheels organizations: click here

Grocery Delivery Options

For those who can afford groceries but need assistance with transportation, the following programs can help with delivery of groceries to a person's home. 

The Senior Connection

  • 301-962-0820, Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm
  • Volunteers shop from a list using client's funds and bring the groceries to the client's door.
  • Age restriction does not apply during COVID crisis.

Rotary International (for anyone, regardless of age)

Teens Helping Seniors,

  • Connects volunteers to vulnerable seniors to buy and deliver groceries.

Villages: Villages are community organizations that help people age at home using volunteers. There are about 30 villages in the County, each covering a different area. Check the interactive map see if a person is covered by a village.

Call-n-Ride's Essential Services program allows program participants (seniors and people with disabilities with low-income) to use Call-n-Ride resources to have taxi drivers deliver them food from grocery stores, food pantries, and restaurants.

Food Assistance Providers who can Deliver

For those who cannot afford groceries, the following organizations can provide food assistance and deliver the food to a person's home.

Providers may be limited by location, age, culture or membership in a special population.

Manna Food Center

  • 301-424-1130
  • Volunteers leave custom Stay Put Packs at the doors of vulnerable residents

Up 2 Us Foundation

  • (202) 909-3450 or (703) 244-8786
  • Serves families in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Rockville.

Bethesda Help, Inc.

  • 301-365-2022
  • Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (Delivery)
  • Other Services Offered

Olney HELP, Inc.

  • 301-774-4334
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations, Fresh Produce, Other Services Offered
  • Serves these zipcodes: 20832, 20833, 20860, 20861, 20862

Rockville Help

  • 301-564-0800, 9 am-5pm daily
  • Service only within Rockville city limits
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Other Services Offered

Germantown HELP, Inc.

  • 301-482-1320
  • Delivery Mon-Sat, hours vary.
  • Language: Spanish
  • Service areas include 20874 and 20876
  • Features: Pre-packed perishable & nonperishable pantry items, some dietary accommodation.
  • Prescription assistance also available.

Damascus Help, Inc.

  • 301-253-4100
  • Mon-Sat, 9 am-5pm
  • Languages: French, Russian, Spanish
  • Features: Fresh Produce, Other Services Offered
  • Serves zip codes 20871, 20872, 20882 north of Brink Rd, and 20876 from route 27 north of Brink Rd.

Western Upper Montgomery County (WUMCO) Help, Inc.

  • 301-972-8481, Tues 9 am-5 pm, Thurs 9 am-8pm
  • Features: Fresh Produce and pantry items, Other Services Offered
  • Special diet accommodations
  • Serves these zip codes: 20837, 20838, 20839, 20841, 20842

EduCare Support Services, Inc. "Pantry on the Go"

  • (240) 450-2092
  • Languages: French, Spanish
  • Target population: We deliver perishable and non-perishable food items to seniors and individuals with disabilities in Takoma Park and surrounding communities.

Community Health and Empowerment Through Education and Research (CHEER)

  • 301-589-3633
  • Documentation Required
  • Serves residents of Long Branch, Silver Spring and Takoma Park
  • Languages: Amharic, Spanish
  • Features: Special Diet Accommodations, Fresh Produce, Other Services Offered

Islamic Center of Maryland

  • 240-912-4976 x6
  • Prioritize seniors, people with health conditions 

Coordination Council of Chinese American Associations,

  • Call Nan Qiao, 703-888-8865
  • Pre-Packed Pantry Items, Discount Grocery
  • Documentation Required, @ccc to a Specific Population
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Features: Fresh Produce, Other Services Offered

September House MAJ,

  • (202) 320-2401
  • Features: Japanese food: fresh Produce, Other Services Offered

Nhà Việt Nam, Maryland (Vietnamese Literary and Artistic Club)

Muslim Community Center  

  • (301) 384-3454
  • Documentation required
  • Home delivery once/month
  • Other services include household items and clothing.

Senior Nutrition Program

Each week the Senior Nutrition Program provides seven frozen meals to enrolled participants at Senior Meal Sites. These are located at the Damascus, Holiday Park, Long Branch, Schweinhaut, Wheaton, North Potomac, White Oak, and Rockville Senior Centers and at Bohrer Park. 
Participants can either pick up food on their own or ask a friend/family/volunteer to do it for them. In some cases, meals can be delivered by Recreation Department staff. There is no fixed price for the meals, but the program hopes and requests that participants make a voluntary contribution to help fund the service for others. 
County residents 60 and over are eligible for this program. Spouses of participants or individuals with a disability living with a participant are also eligible.
Contact the senior center closest to you to see if the program can accept new requests. More information, including contact information for each center, can be found here.

Donations and Volunteering.

Contact the Montgomery County Volunteer Center for information on donating items, money, or time to the food assistance effort

About the Food Security Task Force

Montgomery County, like other areas of the country, has seen an increased need for food assistance since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic. To address these concerns, the County created a Food Security Task Force to coordinate food security response efforts.

Individuals from local government, non-profit organizations, and the community are working together to ensure that community members have enough food for the duration of this crisis.

This website is designed to direct residents to sources of support, from federal programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to their local food pantry.