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Time to Fill Jobs

The following information outlines a summary of the employment process and time involved that candidates can expect at various stages in the hiring process.  You can keep track of the status of your applications and employment process online at any time.  Please note that the timeframes indicated may vary according to factors unique to individual recruitments.

When you log in to our job site using your user name (email address) and password, you will be taken to your “Home” page.  On that page you can see the list of positions that you have applied to.  The column “Status” will show the status of your application. Some of the status are as follows:

Status #1. Active Application – Position is still unfilled and based on your education/skills/qualifications, you may or may not advance to the competitive rating process.  You will be placed in one of the following actions after initial review of the resume.

a. Applicant meets minimum qualifications and resume is advanced to the competitive rating process; OR

b. Applicant meets the minimum qualifications and has been placed in the highest rating category of the eligible list; applicant may be contacted for an interview; OR

c. Applicant does not meet minimum qualifications and resume will not be processed further.

Average time - one to three weeks from application date.

Following the completion of the competitive process: (This action is only for applicants who are placed in Notice #1-a)

d. Applicant has been rated “Qualified” but is not likely to receive further consideration because other candidates were rated “Well Qualified”; OR

Average time - three to eight weeks from application date.

Status #2. Eligible List – You may be contacted for an interview.

Status #3. Interview – You have been contacted to interview and/or have interviewed.  A final decision has not been made

Status #4. Accepted – You have accepted the position.

Status #5. Closed  - You are no longer considered for hire to that position.  The position may be filled or unfilled.

There are a number of factors that may extend the above-stated timeframes. Some of these factors are:

  • Job postings that result in large volumes of resumes (e.g., 100+) take longer to review/rate.
  • Job postings to fill multiple positions from one requisition require a longer time period due to the number of positions to be filled.
  • Job postings for ‘hard to fill’ vacancies that are ‘open until filled’ take several weeks/months to develop a sufficient candidate pool from which to make a selection.
  • Job postings that are posted Open Continuous provide a candidate pool for vacancies as they occur throughout the year. The volume of resumes reviewed and the availability of vacancies impacts the time period of the recruitment effort.
  • Job postings that include preferred criteria take longer to process because a second level of review by subject matter experts (SMEs) is required.
  • Job postings that include a formal testing process take longer since administering and scoring examinations is a lengthy process.
  • The timeframe for conducting interviews varies depending on the number of candidates selected for interview and the availability of the interview panel.
  • The notification to all applicants that a position has been filled is delayed when the position requires a physical exam – to accommodate the selection of an alternate candidate if the candidate initially selected does not pass the physical.
  • Public Safety positions have different notification processes based on their testing schedules. The entire process may take up to six (6) months due to testing, processing, and training schedules.
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