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Office 365 Transition

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Montgomery County has embarked upon a infrastructure transition project impacting all of the products and services provided to the County by Microsoft. The County is moving to the Office 365 cloud based software and services suite.  This is a major change in both the software used and the way it will be used going forward. Due to the size, scope, and the impact to the staff, this project will be rolled out in over the next 18-24 months until all staff and applications are fully migrated to the cloud based technologies.

Office 365 - A new way of doing business

The move to the Office 365 technology environment represents a paradigm shift in the way business will be conducted going forward.  Over the next months and after the Outlook migration other services will be introduced for general use by staff.  For now however it is business as usual regarding how email handles things such as attachments.

To help you conceptualize it please watch this short video

Mail migration

The focus of the first phase of this effort is to move the email (Outlook) mailboxes, contacts, calendars and tasks to Office 365 cloud based services.  After that major migration activities have been complete Public Folder reconciliation and moving needed PSTs will be driven within each department by their IT Contacts.

This Site

This site is designed to provide staff and the IT contacts with useful information to help them trough this transition.  The general layout is:

  • Introduction
  • IT Staff Announcements
  • Migration Support Documents
  • Reference Tools/Documents
  • Items Requiring Specific Attention
  • Education
  • Take me to OWA 2013
  • Feedback


IT Staff Annoucements

The announcements section is designed to provide staff with general progress information regarding the migrations.  It will be updated on a periodic basis.

Migrations of Outlook mailboxes  and

Public Folders is

100% Complete!


Migration Support Documents 

Migration support documents have been collected to provide staff with useful information to help them get the most from the site.  There are two major groups in the County that are migrating. One is those who use the Office 2003 (60%) the others who are using Office 2007, 2020 or 2013 (40%).

Although migrations of Office 2007 and above versions of Outlook are straight forward, the Office 2003 migration is very different.  There will be a totally new interface and thus all of the staff will be using the new Office 365 OWA. The OWA tutorials will be especially useful for those staff using Outlook 2003.  For the 2007 and above who use OWA the good news is that these same tutorials will also work for them.

On Site Team Packet

As part of the support information provided to the IT contacts supporting the Office 365 migration is an electronic on-site packet. This provides key events that the local IT Contacts and their department support helpers will use to guide the steps of migration and to provide the relevant artifacts to staff associated with a particular step.

(Click here to see On Site Team Packet)

Find your version of MS Office

To determine what parts of the documentation are most useful it is important that you determine which version of Outlook you are using. If you are using 2003 please review this site very closely as much of its information is targeted for that group.

 (Click here to determine what version of MS Office you are using)

Typical Migration Activities

Migrations, (referred to as Migration events), are performed with groups of departments being migrated simultaneously.  The typical migration event is 4 weeks in duration. During that time the following activities take place

Although specific migration events many differ slightly, especially in the area of when migrations occur, the general flow is the same.

(Click here to see a typical migration flow)

Reference Documentation

This complete set of documentation is provided to allow the department IT contacts to have a full view of all types and levels of communication regarding the transition project. 

General Department Staff Department IT Staff External Documents
  Outlook 2007 or newer - moving PST files yourself     
  Turning Conversation mode off & on in OWA    
  Message for staff using office 2007,2010,2013 Accessing Public and Shared Folders from OWA  
  Pre-Post Migration Instructions IT Contacts Briefing Slides (8-6-14)  
Migration Annoucement Cover Leters What Version of Office am I using? IT Contacts Users Guide (Draft) Desktop Outlook & OWA Comparision
MCG - Office365 Service Offering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Project Update #2 (6-9-2014) K-State-O365 DYI's
Department On-Site IT Contacts Global Migration Launch Message Project Update #1 (4-24-2014) K-State-O365 Tips




These tutorials provide a basic walk through of key functions of the OWA user interface. Staff should take the opportunity to review them before their department migrates. Although these tutorials do not show all the capabilities of OWA they address the most beneficial basic operations of the application. The tutorials are provided in two forms, PowerPoint storyboards or Closed Captioned videos
Tutorial Title PP Storyboards Video / (Duration)
Office 2003     
#1 - OWA - General Overview
OWA # 1 V#1-CC  (8:39)
#2 - Outlook Tab - Overview
V#2-CC  (6:10)
#3 - People Tab - Overview
OWA # 3 V#3-CC  (4:31)
#4 - Calendar Tab - Overview
OWA # 4 V#4-CC  (3:56)
#5 - Outlook Tab - Compose / Send Message
OWA # 5 V#5-CC  (6:48)
#6 - Calendar Tab - Create / Schedule Event
OWA # 6 V#6-CC  (5:25)
#7 - People Tab - Create / Edit / Delete Contact
OWA # 7 V#7-CC  (5:19)
#8 - Outlook Tab - Create Task
OWA # 8 V#8-CC  (4:41)












Items Requiring Specific Attention

The basic part of the migration is the movement of the staff Outlook mail stores from their current server based local environment to the Office 365 cloud services. Related to these mail store moves In the Office 365 transition there are a number of areas which require specific attention. 

These items include:

  • Cleaning up the department mailbox allocation and contents
  • Personal Storage Table (PST) file handling,
  • Public Folders data reconciliation
  • General VPN support recommendations.

 See more details on these items



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