Message from the Chief

Chief of Police -Marcus G. Jones

On behalf of the officers and professional staff of the Montgomery County Department of Police, I welcome you to our website. I hope the information provided here will be useful and promote a stronger relationship between the community and our agency.

Our department is committed to going beyond just responding to calls for service. We want to engage our community in a variety of ways and create partnerships with all our residents to provide the best service for a safer community and reduce crime.

The sworn and professional staff of the Montgomery County Department of Police care about the communities they serve. Our goal is to build solid relationships with the residents, schools, faith communities, and business owners. It is our belief that when police officers and community members take the time to know each other, trust grows and is nurtured. Working together, we can strengthen our neighborhoods and create safe and inclusive communities by preventing and deterring crime.

We are an agency that is dedicated to public safety and strongly committed to service within our communities. It is an honor to serve as the Chief of Police for Montgomery County. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments. I can be reached by email at Thank you for your interest in the Montgomery County Department of Police.

Marcus G. Jones
Chief of Police

Press Releases

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Press releases are issued by the Police Department’s Public Information Division. The Division can be reached by email at

Who We Are

The Montgomery County Department of Police located in Montgomery County, Maryland, includes approximately 1,300 sworn officers and approximately 700 support personnel. The Police Department was established in 1922, and today, is responsible for policing a County with a population of over one million people.

The Police Department is structured into the Office of the Chief under which is the Internal Affairs Division, and then four major bureaus: the Field Services Bureau, the Investigative Services Bureau, the Management Services Bureau, and the Patrol Services Bureau. The Patrol Services Bureau, the largest and most visible bureau in the Police Department, oversees the majority of the Department’s uniformed officers on patrol. The Patrol Services Bureau is divided into six police districts.

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