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Crime Lab

  • The Forensic Biology Unit analyzes biological stains and materials to determine the identity of the fluids or stains when possible and conduct DNA analysis.  Testing is conducted on bodily fluids such as blood, semen, and saliva.  Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Technology is used to enable law enforcement and crime laboratories to exchange and compare DNA profiles thereby linking crimes to each other and to convicted offenders and arrestees.
  • The Forensic Chemistry Unit analyzes vegetation, powders, tablets, capsules, liquids, and paraphernalia for the presence of controlled dangerous substances (CDS).
  • The Crime Scene Unit analyzes crime scenes to identify, collect, and preserve evidentiary material, conduct blood pattern analysis, develop latent fingerprints, and conduct shoe and tire track comparisons.
  • The Firearms Examination Unit analyzes firearms and firearms-related evidence, tools, and other items to conduct firearms and tool mark comparisons, ballistics examinations, serial number restorations, and trajectory analysis.  The unit is a participant in the “NIBIN” (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network) program.
  • The Latent Print Unit (RAFIS) utilizes regional and state-wide automated fingerprint systems to compare prints of arrested subjects, suspects, witnesses, and deceased individuals against latent fingerprint evidence obtained at crime scenes and examine the results.
  • The Photography Unit provides photographic services in forensic photography and public relations, processes film in digital formats as well as 35mm film, prints video images from various formats (VHS, SVHS, Hi-8mm, VHS-C, and Beta), provides digital enhancement of video images, duplicates regular and time lapse video, provides digital production of photo arrays, and operates, coordinates, and maintains the Digital Image Management System (DIMS) and the archiving of crime scene photographs.



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