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Investigative Services Bureau

Special Investigations


DID Captain

Acting Captain Lt. David McBain, Director

The purpose of the Special Investigations Division is to arrest those individuals using or selling controlled dangerous substances; disrupt major drug trafficking organizations; investigate organized crimes such as gambling, prostitution, and human trafficking cases; and arrest violent fugitives and those responsible for gang-related crime and illegal firearm possession. The Division is divided into two sections:  the Drug Enforcement Section and the Criminal Enterprise Section

Main Office Number – 240-773-5959


The Drug Enforcement Section is comprised of:

Drug Investigative Unit

The Drug Investigations Unit targets low to mid-level drug dealers who operate within Montgomery County.  Investigators conduct undercover buys from drug dealers and execute search warrants to confiscate contraband and other evidence.

Pharmaceutical Unit

The Pharmaceutical Unit investigates prescription fraud cases, Medicaid fraud, as well as medical professionals who prescribe medication illegally.

           Firearms Interdiction Unit

                      The Firearms Investigations Unit consists of detectives from the County Police, the County Sheriff’s Office, and ATF Task Force Officers.
                      The FIU conducts investigations into the illegal possession and trafficking of firearms in Montgomery County. The FIU also provides case enhancement
                      on crimes committed with firearms. FIU also works with the US Attorney’s Office to prosecute violent felons under project EXILE. Tips on the unlawful
                      possession of firearms can be called into 240-773-6400.

Drug Interdiction Unit

  • The Interdiction Unit conducts drug interdiction details at storage facilities, bus stations, train stations, hotels, and mail facilities. The unit is responsible for seizing illicit drugs being transported to or through Montgomery County by various means. The unit has two drug detection dogs who assist with identifying illegal packages and contraband.

Major Offenders/Conspiracy Unit

  • The Conspiracy Unit targets major drug trafficking organizations that operate within Montgomery County. These investigations are long-term by design and are often prosecuted at the federal level. Investigators assigned to the Conspiracy Unit work closely with various federal law enforcement agencies including the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The Criminal Enterprise Section is comprised of:

Vice and Intelligence Unit

  • The Vice and Intelligence Unit handles intelligence gathering for the department and is responsible for identifying threats to our community. Two investigators are assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to investigate both International and Domestic Terrorism. The unit also investigates all gambling, prostitution and human trafficking cases.

Repeat Offender Unit

  • The Repeat Offender Section is responsible for apprehending fugitives who are wanted for violent crimes and repeat offenders who are a danger to the community. Investigators assist various investigative units within our agency and often assist other law enforcement agencies.

Criminal Street Gang Unit

  • The Criminal Street Gang Unit provides support and case enhancement in criminal investigations in which there is a gang nexus.  The Criminal Street Gang Unit is available by email at

          Electronic and Technical Surveillance Unit

  • The Electronic and Technical Surveillance Unit (ETSU) is responsible for ensuring effective utilization of the Department’s electronic surveillance equipment. Investigators provide a wide variety of technical capability to support the various units within and outside the Division.


Montgomery County Department of Police · Marcus Jones, Acting Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000

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