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Legislative Work 2014

   Sponsored Bills  | Resolutions  |  Zoning Text Amendments


  • Expedited Bill 37-14

    Title: Real Property Transfer Tax - Exemption- Enterprise Zones
    Lead: Nancy Navarro
    Co-sponsors: Floreen, Riemer, Rice, Berliner
    Latest Action:

    Signed into law 10/6/14 - Effective 10/6/2014


    Exempts transfers of rezoned property located in an enterprise zone from the 6% rezoning transfer tax.

  • Expedited Bill 36-14

    Title: Human Rights and Civil Liberties - Fair Criminal Record Screening Standards
    Lead: Elrich
    Co-sponsors: Branson, Navarro, Rice, Riemer
    Latest Action:

    Signed into Law 4/10/14 - Effective 1/1/15 


    Prohibits certain employers from conducting a criminal background check or 
    otherwise inquiring into an applicant's criminal record before the conclusion of a first interview. 

  • Expedited Bill 35-14

    Title: Weapons Discharge of Bows Amendments
    Lead: Leventhal
    Co-sponsors: Berliner and Rice
    Latest Action:

    Signed into Law 8/5/14 - Effective 8/5/2014


    Reduces Safety Zone for Archery Hunters in the County 


  • Expedited Bill 25-14

    Title: Forest Conservation Amendments
    Lead: Council President Rice for the Planning Board
    Latest Action:

    Signed into Law 8/5/14 - Effective 08/05/2014


    Amendments/exempts certain stream restoration projects from certain requirements of the forest conservation law, exempts certain maintenance or retrofitting of stormwater management from certain requirements of the forest conservation law; and 
    generally amend the forest conservation law by amending Montgomery County Code 
    Chapter 22A, Forest Conservation - Trees 
    Sections 22A-3, 22A-4, 22A-5, 22A-ll, 22A-12, 22A-20 

  • Expedited Bill 18-14

    Title: Secondhand Personal Property - Automated Purchasing Machines
    Lead: Rice
    Co-sponsors: Branson, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Navarro, Elrich
    Latest Action:

    Signed into Law – 5/19/14 - Effective 5/19/14


    Prohibits the use of automated purchasing machines that buy/purchase personal property such as cell phones and amends the secondhand personal property law.

  • Bill 17-14

    Title: Property Tax Credit - Senior Citizens of Limited Income
    Lead: Riemer
    Co-sponsors: Andrews, Floreen, Branson, Navarro, Berliner and Rice
    Latest Action:

    Signed into Law 10/20/14 Enacted Bill 10/28/14 


    Bill to increase the amount of the property tax credit for senior citizens of limited income; lower the minimum age of eligibility for the credit; and generally amend the County law regarding property tax credits

  • Bill 16-14

    Title: Elections - Public Campaign Financing
    Lead: Andrews
    Cosponsors: Elrich, Berliner, Riemer, Leventhal, Rice, Navarro, Floreen, Branson
    Latest Action: Signed into Law 10/6/14 - Effective 1/15/15

    Law to regulate, enforce and fund a public campaign finance system for the election of County Executive and County Council (candidates for county elective office).

  • Bill 10-14

    Title: Buildings - Solar Permits - Expedited Review
    Lead: Berliner
    Co-sponsors: Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Rice, Elrich, Andrews, Navarro
    Latest Action:

    Signed into Law – 5/1/14 - Effective 7/31/14


    Fast tracks the review process for permits to install rooftop solar photovoltaic systems and implements a reduced fee for those permits


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