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Craig Rice


Councilmember Craig Rice

Legislative Work 2016

Bill 19-16

Title:   Health and Sanitation -Strategic Plan to Achieve Food Security
Lead: Berliner
Co-sponsors: Leventhal, Rice, Hucker, Navarro, Elrich, Katz, Floreen, Riemer
Latest Action:

Signed into Law 7/19/16 - Effective 10/18/16


Bill 19-16 requires the County Executive to develop a five-year strategic plan to reduce food insecurity in Montgomery County.

Bill 10-16

Title: Taxation - Residential Real Property Tax Deferral - Senior Citizens 
Lead: Berliner, Katz, Riemer
Co-sponsors: Floreen, Rice, Navarro, Elrich, Hucker
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 5/25/2016 Effective 7/1/16


Bill 10-16 helps seniors 65 and older with individual or combined gross incomes of $80,000 or less to defer increases on property taxes to 0% on their principal residence which enables them to afford to stay in their homes.

Bill 2-16

Title:   Transient Housing - Licensing and Registration
Lead: Riemer 
Co-sponsors: Rice
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 10/19/17 - Effective  7/1/18


Bill 2-16 addresses health and safety issues in short-term rentals, as well as maintaining the character of existing neighborhoods and zoning standards. 

Bill 1-16

Title: Solid Waste - Illegal Dumping and Litter Control 
Lead: Navarro, Rice
Co-sponsors: Berliner, Elrich, Floreen, Hucker, Katz, Leventhal, Navarro, Rice, Riemer
Latest Action:

Signed into Law 3/23/16 - Effective  6/22/2016 


Bill 1-16 increases criminal penalties for unlawful disposal of garbage or solid waste on certain public and private property.

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