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Craig Rice


Councilmember Craig Rice

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Montgomery Councilmember Craig Rice
announces the 2021 Councilmember for a Day Challenge with a new inclusive storytelling experience for students
The experience seeks to empower and involve young people in local government public policymaking
Learn more about this exciting new experience:
Press Release 
Register Here 

Stronger Counties Stronger America

Located a metro ride north of the nation’s capital, Montgomery County is Maryland’s most populous county with over 1 million residents. While labeled one of the most affluent counties in the United States, our residents vary broadly socio-economically with over 35% of students in our public schools participating in Free and Reduced-priced Meals (FARMS). As Montgomery County continues to expand its economic base in the growing areas of biotechnology, information technology, and cybersecurity, we want to ensure our future workforce has the opportunity to explore and learn these exciting new fields.

Nine Universities One Campus - This is USG - The Power of NINE!

The latest episode of the #ThisIsUSG podcast is live! In this episode,
Dr. Anne Khademian chats with Montgomery County Councilmember, Craig Rice, about the impacts of COVID-19, the value of higher education and the importance of public service.


Funding, initiated by Education and Culture Committee Chair Craig Rice, will provide $1.8 million to address disparities in virtual learning for students  during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Susan Kenedy has the story

 Montgomery Village Public Safety Town Hall
Powerpoint Presentation  
November 9, 2020​

Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice 's Comments 
While Sitting as The Board of Health on Reopening 
Montgomery County Public Schools

Novel Coronavirous (COVID-19) and County Public Health Planning

Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice and Jeremy Criss, the director of the Montgomery County Office of Agriculture, meet to discuss the county's agricultural community, food security programs, the 40th anniversary of the Agricultural Reserve

Latest  Edition of The Rice Report 
Ensuring Montgomery County Remains One of the Best Places to
Live, Work and Play 

COVID-19 can be spread by people who do not have symptoms and do not know that they are infected. That’s why it’s important for everyone to wear masks in public settings and practice staying at least 6 feet away from other people.  Wearing a mask is a way to implement source control, the Coronavirus is Contagious.  If you care about protecting our children, our parents, family and friends, and our front-line workers, opening our schools and businesses, then please protect others as well as yourself.  It's the Law! 
#MaskUpMoCo #SpreadLoveNotGerms  #MaskUpMaryland

To Get Tested, Check Here!

The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Crisis Center provides free crisis services 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  Mental Health/ Substance Abuse/ Homelessness/ Abuse/Neglect/Violence/ Financial Assistance

Services by phone (240-777-4000) or in person at 1301 Piccard Drive in Rockville 
Check here For Additional Information

The National Association of Counties Selects Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice to Serve as Vice Chair of the Human Services and Education Steering Committee 

Press Release July 22, 2020

Stronger Counties, Stronger America! I look forward to serving in this national role that focuses on issues in which I have been invested for years. I will be relying on my experience chairing education committees at both the county and state levels as well as chairing the early childhood education subcommittee for the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. There is much work to be done and by working at this level with my counterparts from across this great nation, I am certain that we can generate creative policy issues we are facing today. 

Montgomery Can Code!
It's Fun and Free!  
Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice partners with Apple  Swift Coding Program, Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College  and
Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation   
Apply for Summer Coding Camps Here

Montgomery Community Media profiles Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice in honor of Black History Month.

A Great Day to Celebrate  Brigadier General Charles McGee at our Councilmember 4 A Day Council meeting Recognizing Adjo Evonlah of Northwest High School #CM4ADay

Breaking News

A Press Release from  Councilmember Craig Rice, Chair of the County Council’s Education and Culture Committee, served on the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education and led the Early Childhood Education Working Group.

 Having been heavily involved in the intricacies of The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, Rice noted, “A great deal of researchbased practices aimed at increasing educational outcomes were brought to the table and incorporated into this plan. We cannot waste time in implementing these recommendations as each piece within the five major policy areas are interdependent. Each recommendation is required to achieve the outcomes that our children and youth need to prepare for the future of work.” #Kirwan |  #OurKidsCantWait |  #BluePrint4MD

Fun For February's  Library Lovers Month.  Councilmember Will Jawando and Councilmember Craig Rice enjoyed attending  a storytime for children at the Wheaton Library in Silver Spring, Md.  Both councilmembers serve on the County Council's Education and Culture Committee. Jawando is visiting all 22 County Public Libraries to see how they can be improved. Crystal Park reports.

Apple is Assisting Montgomery County Expand 'Montgomery CAN CODE'

A program that started last summer of teaching children to write apps for mobile devices is expanding tenfold this coming summer. Councilmember Craig Rice has the details.


Councilmember Rice's comments at the Maryland Associaiton of Counties Winter Conference:  

Education is the hub of which all of our problems and our successes center around.  So, if you care about crime, you should care about education.  If you care about economic development, you should care about education.   If you care about healthcare disparities, you should care about education.  
If you care about making sure that people in society can get help when it comes to mental health and all of the other issues that are out there, You should care about Education.  If you care about people who are down on their luck, people who have just been dealt a bad hand, you should care about Education 

Bill 33-19
Community Policing, sponsored by Lead Sponsors Council President Navarro
and Councilmember Rice and Co-Sponsors Councilmembers Hucker, Albornoz, and Jawando 

Councilmember Gabe Albornoz and Councilmember Craig Rice introduced Bill 29-19 and ZTA 19-06 to ban the access of e-cigs and vaping devices to minors by restricting their sale within half a mile of a school site.
Bill 29-19

Councilmember Craig Rice with the Honorable Muluken Adan, Mayor of Gondar Ethiopia at the Montgomery County FutureFest
Sunday, September 15th. 

Comments by Councilmember Craig Rice on introduction of Bill 29-19, Health and Sanitation - Electronic cigarettes - Distribution & Zoning Text Amendment 19-06, Vape Shops 

the anti-vaping initiative

September is Suicide Prevention Month!

Thank you Councilmember Craig Rice and Councilmember Andrew Friedson for showing us all how its done! 
And thank you for supporting EveryMind & our community on issues of mental wellness today & every day! 


In this edition of In The Loop, Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice talks about his role as a councilmember, the value of education, the growth of Germantown, police and race relations in the county, the agricultural reserve and the loss of a dear friend and colleague.

Proclamation recognizing Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week, by Councilmembers Rice and Hucker


The Arcola Elementary school 4th graders, in Wheaton Maryland, put down their pads and pencils and went outside for a lesson in exploration. Susan Kenedy has the story


Council approves FY20 Operating Budget and amendments to FY19-24 Capital Improvements Program 

Montgomery County's FY20 Budget is an Education First Budget!

Education, early child care and equitable services for community members are priorities;
Property tax stays within County Charter Limit with
$692 property tax credit for homeowners

Some County leaders envision a different alternative to Governor Hogan’s I-270/I-495 plan. This modified plan would separate the I-270 and I-495 projects. By focusing on I-270, this will help Upcounty residents by addressing bottlenecks first and encouraging transit options, such as the Corridor Cities Transitway ( CCT). 

Jake Edwards is Montgomery County's Autism Ambassador
Here's what Jake has to say about Autism Speaks!


Montgomery County Councilmember, Craig Rice holds an educational forum every year throughout the county.
Next Stop - Neelsville Middle School
11700 Neelsville Church Rd, Germantown, MD 20876
Thursday, April 4, 2019  |   6:30 p.m.           

The Program is 20 Hours a week,  60 hours in Total

Councilmember Craig Rice and Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein want you to know about a new law designed to protect you from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisning. 
Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer that claims more than 400 lives every year.  

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is requesting over a $1 billion in support of our children’s education from Pre-K to College and Career Readiness. Please call your Montgomery County state representative and ask them to support this vital bill!” You can find your representatives here

You're Invited to a Community Discussion - Breakfast meeting with
Councilmember Craig Rice 
Hosted by the Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce 
April 3, 2019 (click for details)

A Park Tour with Anderson and Rice
Montgomery Parks operates 421 parks spanning
35,000 acres of park land.

It is imperative, a moral imperative that we ensure that from (0-5) all children have the
ability to become successful!

Col. Zadok Magruder High School student Chloe Appel, 
Winner of the 2019 COUNCILMEMBER for a DAY contest experiences what it’s like to be a Montgomery County Councilmember 

Opening and closing remarks from Councilmember Craig Rice during the Montgomery County Council commenoration of
Black History Month 2019

Celelebrating those who came before us  for
Black History Month in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Sister City of Gondar, Ethiopia
January 16 - 26, 2019 

Montgomery County Community Grants for Non-Profits
Fiscal Year 2020 Information

Proud to be the winner of the 2018 Montgomery County
Council  District 2 Election

Four More Years of Service!

Thankful for my Wife and my Parents for all of their Support during 
2018 Montgomery County Council
District 2 Election!

Council Calls for State To Improve Pedestrian Safety on Local Roads...Rice asked Slater to ensure SHA performs a comprehensive study of all intersections in Montgomery County that are frequently used by students.
“These are kids that are being forced into dangerous situations because we’re not taking those next steps,” Rice said.

Less than 24 hours after six pedestrians were hit by vehicles on a rainy Monday evening, members of the Montgomery County Council were grilling a top Maryland transportation department official on what more could be done to prevent so many tragedies.. (continued)   -  Montgomery County high school student learning to walk again one month after car hit him  - 

by Kevin Lewis/ABC7  (watch)

Montgomery County Sister City of Gondar, Ethiopia invites you to join them  along with Councilmember Craig Rice on an all-inclusive trip filled with rich, cultural experiences!
Click the Link for Details

Unseen; but not Undervalued
Leggett and Rice Break Ground on Clarksburg Historic District Sewer Extension
(press release) (watch)

Proclamation recognizing Hughes Network Systems, LLC's Top Ten Ranking in Fortune Magazine's 2018 "Change the World" list, by Councilmember Craig Rice  (video)

From the Office of Councilmember Craig Rice:  Proud to Announce 
Col. Zadok Magruder High School Student
Chloe Appel 
  2018 Winner of the Montgomery County Council's
Councilmember for A Day Contest 
(press release)

Read Chole Appel's Award Winning Councilmember For A Day Essay:  One in five high school students in the United States suffers from a diagnosable mental
health condition such as anxiety or depression. It may be difficult to understand the impact or
significance of ‘one in five’. To bring this statistic a little closer to home, in Montgomery
County, one in five high school students is equivalent to the student population of Winston
Churchill, Richard Montgomery, Magruder, Walt Whitman, and Wootton High Schools
combined. Nearly 10,000 students in Montgomery County are struggling with a diagnosable,
treatable illness every single day. Approximately 50% of these 10,000 students will be
diagnosed, get the care they need and grow up to be our future doctors, lawyers, teachers – our
leaders of tomorrow. The other 50% – equivalent to the population of Richard Montgomery and
Wootton High Schools are not diagnosed and are at an increased risk for drug abuse, alcoholism,
and suicide. Now imagine governments across the country looking at these same statistics. The
impact is staggering.    (continued)

Junior Achievement
Inspires and Prepares Young People to Succeed

A new program in Montgomery County Maryland is designed to give school children, real life skills...Susan Kenedy has the story 

The Future of Economic Development In Montgomery County:  
Job Growth is a Major Driver of Economic Development
Enterprise opens 10,000th location - and it's on Rockville Pike  
(press release)

 To let students know how welcomed and valued they are
Councilmember Craig  Rice, Chair of the Montgomery County Council Education Committee visits Montgomery Village Middle School on the First Day Back to School 2018

The Goal of the Pre-K Working Group is to ensure we have a world-class, high-quality, mixed delivery early childhood education system for all children in the State of Maryland.
Early Childhood Education Elements of the Preliminary Recommendations. Early Childhood Education: Expands high–quality pre-K to four-year-olds based on a sliding scale and three-year-olds from low-income families; assesses all children to identify those who need supports to be ready to succeed in school; and expands Judy Centers, Family Support Centers, and the Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program for children ages 0–5 and their families. ( View Childhood Education written report)

There are more than 160 thousand students who attend Montgomery County public schools. Each and every one of those students deserve an environment where they can live and grow. However, recent events in Florida and Texas have people on edge, asking "Are our schools safe?" Susan Kenedy takes a look at that question

Fire Safety - Carbon Monoxide Alarm:   Councilmember Craig Rice is the lead sponsor of (Bill 23-18), to improve public health and safety by requiring carbon monoxide alarms in homes located in the County. 
(More Information here)

Programs Aligned with Regional Economic Development at Montgomery County Community College (Germantown Campus)

Montgomery County Council has agreed on a Resolution to approve an application to the State of Maryland for the designation of a Regional Institution Strategic Enterprise (RISE) Zone for the Germantown Campus of Montgomery College.  The Public, Private Partnership focuses on Germantown becoming the center of business and
community life in Upper Montgomery County. 
(Read More)

Councilmember Craig Rice stands with Lorenza Cooper (president), Jonathan Sutton and Chris Thompson of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and the Metropolitan Kappa Youth Foundation as he is presented with the Cornerstone Award for Education and Leadership, which he received for his dedication to increasing the opportunities for young people in the community.  The foundation’s mission is to provide scholarships and mentoring programs for minority and disadvantaged youth in the DC Metropolitan area.  (Press Release)

Camp Erin allows youth to tell their story in a safe environment.
Hospice Caring is delighted to announce Camp Erin Montgomery County, MD. Created and supported by The Moyer Foundation, Camp Erin is the largest national bereavement program for youth grieving the death of someone close to them. This free, weekend‐long experience combines traditional, fun camp activities with grief education and emotional support.   

Montgomery County Council approves County’s  
$5.6 billion operating budget and
$4.5 billion six-year capital budget
Education and public safety are priorities
(press release)

Councilmember Craig Rice's Remarks on the 
Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Agreement

I unfortunately find myself in a very difficult and torn position, frustrated about the fact that I encountered what I feel was a flawed budget process, something that I’ve never seen in my 8-year tenure here on the Council. Something that encompassed disrespecting my committee’s hard work and well researched and coordinated recommendations for what seems is the gain of a tagline in an election year. (Press Release)

Montgomery County Council Proclamation  Recognized 50-year anniversary of Montgomery College’s Nursing Program, by Councilmember Craig Rice

Montgomery County Council recognized  and celebrated Montgomery College's 50th Anniversary of their nursing program. The Montgomery College nursing program achieved National League for Nursing accreditation in June 1970 and remains fully accredited, partnering with University of Maryland School of Nursing to offer a seamless pathway for nursing students to receive their bachelor’s degree. Montgomery College is the only Community College that partners with a Hospital (Holy Cross Hospital, Germantown) on their own Campus!

Councilmember Craig Rice recognized Montgomery County College student Grace Jo who  escaped  persecution in North Korea, and, with her family, founded NKinUSA to help facilitate escape and safe passage for other North Korean refugees.  

Grace Jo, a young woman born in North Korea, whose family struggled daily to find scraps of food to survive during the Great Famine in the 1990s that took the lives of two of her brothers who died of starvation; and whose father was tortured and starved to death for the “crime” of leaving the country in search of food for his family in China.

Proclamation recognizing Autism After 21, by Councilmembers Rice and Councilmember Katz and Councilmember Berliner
Madison House
Raising Autism Awareness | 
Autism After 21 Day

Autism After 21 Day. Councilmembers Craig Rice, Sidney Katz and Roger Berliner presented a joint proclamation with County Executive Leggett to raise awareness of the various needs of adults with autism. Special thanks to JaLynn Price, Founder and President of Madison House, who spoke on behalf of the group. Pictured left to right: Councilmember Katz, Laura Gordon, Monica Martinez, Kim Mayo Jay Kenney, Jenn Lynn Ucr, JaLynn Prince, Councilmember Berliner, Adrienne McBride, Karen Gibson, Beata Okulska, Steve Robinson, Karen Hutchison and Councilmember Rice.

Highlights from the Fourth Annual Community Education Budget Meeting for Fiscal Year 2019
The First of Five meetings held at Damascus High School
February 21, 2018

Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice, Montgomery County Public School Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith, and Dr. DeRionne Pollard, President of Montgomery College invite you to attend our next Education Budget meeting on Monday, March 19, 2018, at 6:30 p.m., at White Oak Middle School, 12201 New Hampshie Avenue, Silver Spring.

Moira Johnson
Montgomery Blair High School Senior
Winner of the 2017
"Councilmember for A Day Contest"
Ms. Johnson’s winning entry was an essay that focused on parental illness and the impact it has on children.
Link to Moira's Winning Essay

Councilmember Craig Rice honored the winner of the second annual “Councilmember for a Day” challenge, Moira Johnson from Montgomery Blair High School, with a proclamation recognizing her inspiring essay and her scholastic achievements. Click on the video to learn more about our Councilmember for a Day student. (Press Release)

The Montgomery County Council’s 2018 Black History Month commemoration focused on “Preserving the Past and
Educating for the Future.

The event included a panel discussion on the importance of preserving African-American culture in the County featuring Gwen Reese, Founder and President of the Sugarland Ethno-History Project; Christine Clarke, resident of the Village of Jerusalem in Poolesville; Anita Neal Powell, President & CEO of the Lincoln Park Historical Foundation; and George W. McDaniel, Ph.D., President McDaniel Consulting, LLC. The event also included a video showcasing the achievements of community leaders Vikram Akwei,, Founder of the High School Success Program; Kevin Beverly, President and CEO, Social & Scientific Systems; Anita Neal Powell, and Michael Williams, Co-founder of the Minority Scholars Program. (Press Release)

The Rice Report | February 6, 2018

Welcome to another edition of The Rice Report, an update on current topics and events from Education and Health and Human Services to Brewery and Distillery opportunities, the Agricultural Reserve, the Environment and more. It’s all about Montgomery County, Maryland, the best place I know of to live, work and play!

Montgomery County Community met to Discuss
Universal Pre-K For All

What a vibrant, engaged and informative community dialogue we had at our August 23rd Universal Pre-K meeting. The conversation focused on various models of what the educational philosophy of pre-k for all could look like in Montgomery County. Montgomery County Council and Montgomery County Public Schools are working together on setting our kids up for a successful, safe and happy life! If you missed it, watch the video, take a look at a few of the highlights.

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