Drop-off Hours and Events for Recyclables and Trash

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Shady Grove Transfer Station

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we modified the hours and operations of the Transfer Station to minimize potential exposure of the novel coronavirus to our customers and employees. We appreciate your understanding and assistance to keep everyone safe.
This information is subject to change daily.

Montgomery County, MD Residents

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is open  ONLY to residents of Montgomery County, that do not have County-provided or private hauler curbside trash collection service.

  • NO Out-of-County waste is allowed
  • Residents must provide proof of address
  • Please ensure that household trash is properly bagged and that bags are tied-off--no loose materials please

The Public Unloading Facility is open  ONLY to Montgomery County residents without curbside trash collection service, who may dispose of trash at the Public Unloading Facility.

  • NO commercial vehicles
  • NO loads over 500 lbs. All loads over 500 lbs. must be weighed at the scales and pay the required fee
  • NO construction debris
  • NO bulk/large trash items
  • Please minimize all trips to the Transfer Station--limit to no more than one visit per week and only if absolutely necessary

Yard Trim Recycling

Residential yard trim drop-off is permitted.

  • Given the Memorial Day Weekend, yard trim drop off will be allowed. However, residents are encouraged to continue to manage yard trim materials at home through grasscycling and backyard composting
  • If you are not able to grasscycle or compost yard trim at home, please recycle yard trim materials through the County’s weekly curbside yard trim recycling collection program. How to recycle yard trim.

Other Recyclables

Residents are encouraged to recycle everything that can be recycled through the County’s weekly curbside recycling collection program at home. If you have excess acceptable recyclable materials, please hold on to those materials until your next recycling collection day.

To recycle large scrap metal items, please call 311 (240-777-0311) to schedule a scrap metal recycling collection.

Please hold on to all other recyclable materials (such as electronics, bulky rigid plastics, tires, motor oil, etc.) until County Executive Elrich’s Stay-at-Home Order is lifted.

Hazardous Materials

We continue to accept hazardous materials at the Transfer Station.

Small Businesses and Multi-Family Properties in Montgomery County (Self-Hauling Recyclable Materials)

Small businesses or multi-family properties that are self-hauling recyclable materials (cardboard, mixed paper and commingled materials) must enter through the Recycling Center.

Use the Route 355 entrance and then turn right towards the Recycling Center.

Bring information with you to identify that the load originated from that business/multi-family property and that you are self-hauling and dropping off those materials for recycling.

Commercial Collectors/Haulers & Contractors

NO OUT-OF-COUNTY WASTE WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any material generated from outside of Montgomery County, MD will be rejected.

All contractors disposing of waste must provide verification that the materials for disposal were generated within Montgomery County, MD. Verification of the location of the job site must be provided in the form of a printed or electronic version of: work order, invoice, route sheet on company letterhead, letter or email stating the address or location of the job site as proof that the load originated in the County. Contractors will not be allowed to dispose of waste if verification is not provided.

DO NOT bring refuse to the Public Unloading Facility for disposal. Commercial loads of refuse must use the Shady Grove Road entrance.

DO NOT bring recyclable materials to the Public Unloading Facility for recycling drop-off. Commercial loads of recyclable materials must use the Recycling Center scales. Use the Route 355 entrance and then turn right towards the Recycling Center.


Route 355 Entrance: Recycling Center and Public Unloading Facility
Daily: 9 am to 5 pm

Shady Grove Entrance: Commercial vehicles and residential loads over 500 lbs.
Monday – Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm

Payment of Fees

Effective  Monday, April 6, 2020, we no longer accept cash and checks at the Shady Grove Transfer Station Scale House. Credit cards and corporate accounts  ONLY.

The Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station is located at

16101 Frederick Road
Derwood MD 20855
Phone: 311 (or 240-777-0311)

Transfer Station Hours:

  • 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. DAILY - Recycling Center & Public Unloading Facility Scale House (355 entrance)
  • 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday - Trash and municipal solid waste Scale House (Shady Grove Road entrance) 

Bring proof of Montgomery County residency or evidence that waste was generated in Montgomery County. This is required, and we may ask for it at any time.

All loads must be covered.

Material drop-off locations - site map

News and Updates

Safety Tips Sheets
We are dedicated to safety at the Shady Grove Transfer Station. Download safety rules for use of the Public Unloading Facility (PUF) and the Upper Lot, the grinding operation, and the tipping floor.

Transporting materials
You must bring your materials to the Transfer Station by car, truck, van or similar vehicle. Walking or riding bicycles, motorcycles, or electric scooters are prohibited at the Transfer Station.

Mulch preserves are closed for the season, effective October 31, 2019. This includes the Shady Grove Transfer Station and E.E. Halmos Park.

We now accept credit cards for tipping fees.
All major credit cards are accepted including debit cards and American Express. See more payment and fee information.

HOA Bulk Collection Drop-offs
The Transfer Station will permit Homeowner’s Associations within Montgomery County to drop off two (2) bulk collections free of charge each calendar year, with permission from Transfer Station management. Review the drop-off procedures.

Shingles and Other Roofing Materials
Shingles and other roofing materials are not accepted for disposal on Saturdays. For more information including alternate disposal facilites, please view or download the Shingle & Other Roofing Material Disposal Flyer.

Poolesville Beauty Spot

The Poolesville Beauty Spot is located in the Poolesville Highway Maintenance Depot:

19200 Jerusalem Road
Poolesville MD 20837
Phone: 311 (or 240-777-0311)

All loads must be covered.

May you take materials from the Transfer Station, Recycling Center, or Beauty Spot?

Sorry, under the Code of Maryland Regulations, you may not scavenge or salvage items from our facilities.