Use of the Enterprise Architecture in IT RFPs and Contracts

The Enterprise Architecture should be included as an attachment to IT-related RFP’s and Contracts.  RFPs attaching the Enterprise Architecture should include the following language:

Text Box: Enterprise Architecture Compliance

The Montgomery County Department of Technology Services in concert with the various Departments has developed an Enterprise Architecture (EA). All contractors that design, build, or modify information systems for Montgomery County are expected to complete an Architecture Impact Statement and specify that they either comply or document where they deviate.  Montgomery County will assess the contractor's Architecture Impact Statement prior to contract award. The evaluation will consider the cost to the County of any proposed changes and whether the changes are consistent with the County’s long term strategy. The RFP response should reflect the following item:

Architecture Impact Statement:

Description:  Develop an Architecture Impact Statement that assesses how the proposed system will meet the County Enterprise Architecture standards as documented in the County Document “Montgomery County Government Enterprise Architecture Technical Architecture”.  The impact statement should list which Architecture Domains will be used by the proposed solution, which domains will be changed by the proposed solution and details of the changes, and which domains if any should be added to the proposed solution.

The assessment will address the following items:
•	List of Architecture Domains that will be used by the proposed solution;
•	Domains that will be changed by the proposed solution and details;
•	Description of deltas between current state and proposed state;
•	Description of why changes are required to be made; and
•	Which domains, if any should be added to proposed solution and reasons why they are being added.

The Architecture Impact Statement will be included in the contract language and the vendor held to its provisions.
















Contracts should include a link to the MCG Enterprise Architecture located on the TEBS Internet Enterprise Architecture portal.  The impact statement should be used to enforce compliance to the agreed to alignments.