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2014 Farm Tour & Harvest Sale Photographs


lady feeding a goat goat

goats goats

Silo and  store Girl

customers petting an animal customers

hens in a chicken coop hens outside of a chicken coop

customers talk to an owner of a farm stand sweet potatoes and beets

assorted turnips at a farm stand pieces of candy

assorted vegetables and fruit at a farm stand assorted vegetables at a farm stand

assorted vegetables at a farm stand assorted vegetables at a farm stand

jalapenos corn

green and red tomatoes vegetables in an indoor farmers market

green and white beans peppers

different kinds of eggplant different kinds of eggplant

kids drinking soft drinks families inside a farmers market

lots of plums lots of fruit

boxes of blueberries boxes of blackberries

interior of a farmers market potatoes

watermelons cantelopes

different kinds of zucchini onions and shallots

boxes of apples boxes of apricots

boxes of nectarines and peaches a donkey

mums and daffodils mums and daffodils

two cows in a field five cows in a field

bossy cow family with a tub of blackberries

chrysanthemum white ducks

sunvlowers sunvlowers

a rooster rooster with hens

a rooster toy dairy train

Dairy Maid Dairy truck Rear view of Dairy Maid Dairy truck

toy train on a track fields of flowers



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