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Agricultural Initiatives

Deer Management Programs

In response to a 2004 landowner survey revealing the increasing environmental, health, safety and economic problems caused by the overpopulation of white-tailed deer, Montgomery County DED and other County departments developed and implemented deer-related initiatives and expanded existing deer monitoring and management programs. The Office of Agriculture is working in conjunction with M-NCPPC, the Deer Management Work Group, Montgomery Soil Conservation District, University of Maryland-Extension and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as part of this County-wide deer management effort.

Deer Management Workshops and the Deer Donation Program

Two initiatives are helping farmers overcome the problems caused by white-tailed deer.  Deer Management Workshops are designed to educate farmers and hunters about effective deer management on private property.  The Deer Donation Program encourages farmers and hunters to harvest more deer in a responsible manner by providing a local, minimum-hassle deer collection site.  It is administered in partnership with William F. Willard Farm, LLC and KS Kuts to coordinate the collection, processing and donation of venison to local area food banks.   Download the Deer Donation Program flye r to find out how to donate deer in Montgomery County.

Deer Donation Program - Deer Collected and Pounds of Venison Donated

The Deer Donation Program has invested $240,000 over thirteen years. The value of the program is calculated to be $368,879.  This is based on the value of the meat collected (78,774 lbs at $2/lb) and the value of the commodity grain in the farmers’ fields not consumed by these deer. 2,060  deer harvested, 1,000 lbs of grain saved for each deer harvested, average value of all commodity grain estimated at $6.00/bushel).  According to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, 1 deer that is donated can feed up to 200 people!

Season Deer Collected Pounds of Venison Donated
2004 - 2005 39 1,560
2005 - 2006 51 2,040
2006 - 2007 85 3,400
2007 - 2008 197 7,880
2008 - 2009 150 6,000
2010 - 2011 304 12,160
2011 - 2012 403 16,120
2012 - 2013 222 8,880
2013 - 2014 163 6,520
2014 - 2015 152 6,080
2014 - 2015 105 4,200
2015 - 2016 115 2,300
2016 - 2017 113 2,260
2017 - 2018 160 3200
Total 2,259 82,600

* Please note that for the year's 2004 through 2015 the season average yield of pounds venison per deet was about 40 pounds.
For the 2016 and 2017 season the yield of pounds of venision per deer decrease to about 20 pounds due to smaller deer that were harvested and donated.


2015 Agricultural Deer Damage Report (PDF)

It has been 10 years since the County last conducted a Deer Damage Survey for the agricultural community.

The County is evaluating the effectiveness of our Deer Management Programs and we need you to help complete the very brief-only two page survey to determine if we are making progress in the agricultural areas to reduce the deer herds.

Please help us to better understand how the Deer Management programs are working.

Please access the following link to review the results from the Deer Damage Survey that have been submitted.

Survey's can be returned via mail or electronic mail if preferred.


Jeremy Criss

The Office of Agriculture

18410 Muncaster Road

Derwood, Maryland 20855

Via Electronic Mail mail to

Sunday Hunting

The combined efforts of the County’s agricultural community and County government encouraged the 2008 Maryland State Legislature to pass into law that Montgomery County be removed from the list of jurisdictions in which hunting on Sundays is completely prohibited.  One Sunday of bow hunting and one Sunday of firearms hunting have been added to the County’s hunting season, and it is estimated that these two extra days of hunting may increase the deer harvest by as much as 15%, providing farmers another valuable tool in managing the deer on their properties.


The Office of Agriculture · 18410 Muncaster Road · Derwood, Md 20855
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