Guide to Starting a Business

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Starting a business is a challenging process that requires many steps, often in a particular order. The Montgomery County Business Center is here to guide you.

On this page you will find 10 steps you will need to complete to start your business properly. Each step includes links to information that you will need as a new business owner. Be sure to follow these steps in order to have the fastest, smoothest experience of starting your business.

After you review these steps, please reach out to the Business Center if you have questions or need help. Our Small Business Navigator and Business Liaisons are happy to meet with you, explore a variety of options, connect you with County-funded resource partners that provide no-cost business consulting services, refer you to other resources, and be available to assist you during the journey of starting and growing your business.

  1. Complete our Before Starting a Business Checklist.

  2. Select a name for your business.

  3. Identify possible locations for you to operate your business in Montgomery County.

  4. Register your business in Maryland.

    NOTE: The State must approve your business before you can get an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  5. After the State approves the business registration, apply for an EIN through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Website.

  6. Apply for Maryland tax accounts using the Combined Registration form.

  7. Obtain licenses, permits, and registrations.

  8. Open a business bank account.

    Montgomery County is home to numerous local and national banks and credit unions. Talk with your financial advisor or attorney to find the one that makes the most sense for your business.

  9. Purchase business insurance (General Liability, Worker's Compensation, Property, Business Interruption).

  10. Choose a location for you to operate your business in Montgomery County.

    • The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation has a selection site with commercial properties available for rent or purchase. Their team also can speak with you regarding these sites or incubator/coworking facilities in the County.
    • Incubator space - the County operates 3 incubators, supports others (e.g. Bethesda Green) , and promotes private sector wet lab and office coworking and innovation space (e.g. Launch Workplaces and Greencourt).
    • Home-based businesses:  DPS: Home occupation registration