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June 24, 2021 - Message from the Circuit Court Regarding Jury Trials

The Circuit Court is modifying the policy regarding jury trials that was set forth in a message to the Bar on June 14. It was hoped that, beginning on Monday, June 28, the court could resume jury trials in the manner by which they occurred prior to the pandemic. In the interim, the court has closely monitored the jury selection process and continued to poll juror pools and concluded that many potential jurors are still reluctant to interact with unvaccinated jurors, even when those jurors have been masked, without enforcing social distancing.

Accordingly, the court will continue its present practice of allowing jury trial participants who have been vaccinated to dispense with the wearing of masks, but will require social distancing to continue during all phases of jury trials. Because of the limited number of selection and trial venues that will accommodate social distancing, the Jury Trial Prioritization system presently in effect will continue into the indefinite future.

It is anticipated that two new jury trial selection venues will be added in the coming weeks, so that five juries can be selected on any given day. As Governor Hogan lifts the state of emergency on July 1, there may also be new orders from Chief Judge Barbera regarding social distancing in the near future. Please continue to check the court’s website ( for further developments.

Robert A. Greenberg
Administrative Judge