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About Legislative Information Management System (LIMS)


The Montgomery County Council is pleased to offer the Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) for the public to view bills considered by the Council.  Other public records, such as resolutions, zoning text and subdivision regulation amendments will follow in the coming months.  Here you will find information about bills including bill progression and all supporting bill files.  Bill files are available in searchable PDF, plain text and HTML formats. 

  • Use the basic search field on the LIMS Home page to find legislation by keyword or bill number;
    • Use quotes to find records where two words are next to one another, for instance, "minimum wage".
    • Multiple terms can be combined with Boolean operators (and, or, not, or and not) to form more complex queries.
    • Use ? to search a string, for example te?t would match both test and text.
    • Use * for multiple characters, for example tes* would match test, testing, and tester.
    • Use ~ at the end of a single word term, for example to search for a term similar to "roam" use roam~.  This search will match terms like roams, foam, and foams.  It will also match the word "roam" itself.
    • Use the proximity search feature search for "building" and "height" within 10 words of each other, use:  "building height"~10.
    • For more advanced search queries, see the Solr Ref Guide.
  • Use the trending tabs to view, Most Viewed Legislation; Recently Passed Legislation; Legislation Pending Public Hearing and Legislation at Committee;
  • Use the filter by tool to filter bills by status, date, sponsor, co-sponsor or committee;
  • Use the tags on bill hits to find all other bills with the same tag; and more.

Legislation is machine readable in line with Executive Order -- Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information dated May 2013; Senate legislation, S.760 - Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act introduced March 29, 2017; House legislation H.R. 1770 - OPEN Government Data Act and Montgomery County Council bill 23-12 dated December 17, 2012.  Bill data is available from 2010 to present.

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