HHS Item 2
July 18,2016
Councilmembers should bring their packet from the July 11 Worksession.
July 14,2016
Health and Human Services Committee
Josh Hamlin, Legislative
Jacob Sesker, Senior Legislative
fl /
2: Bill 12-16, Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum
Wage - Amount - Annual Adjustment
Bill 12-16, Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum Wage - Annual
Adjustment, sponsored by Lead Sponsor Councilmember EIrich, and Co-Sponsors
Councilmembers Leventhal, Riemer, Navarro and Hucker, was introduced on April 12. A public
hearing on the Bill was held on June 2l.
Bill 12-16 would:
increase the County minimum wage by a certain amount;
require the Chief Administrative Officer to adjust the County minimum wage rate
each year; and
generally amend the laws governing the minimum wage.
Continuation of Discussion from July 11 HHS Committee Worksession
The Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee began its consideration of Bill 12-16 at
its worksession on July 11. At that worksession the Committee discussed the first four issues
identified in the packet for that worksession.! At this worksession, the Committee will continue its
discussion ofthe issues identified
that packet, beginning on page 10.
The packet for the July 11 worksession can be accessed at:
http://www .montgomerycountymd.gov/council/Resources/Files/agenda/cm/20 161160711 /20 160711 HHS I.pdf