Get a ride to COVID-19 test and vaccination clinics, and at-home test kit and mask pickup locations


2022 National Association of Counties Achievement Award Winner

Free taxi rides

You must be a Montgomery County resident

  • age 65+, or
  • with disabilities.

You can request a free taxi ride to and from

You and your taxi driver must wear face coverings for the duration of the trip.

Download program flyer (PDF) | Folleto para descargar (PDF)

Take your trip

  1. To get a "Free COVID Taxi Code," call Connect-A-Ride at 301-738-3252. You will be asked for:
    • your name,
    • your address,
    • your phone number, and
    • your age.
  2. Call one of the taxicab companies operating in Montgomery County:
    • Action Taxi: 301-840-1000
    • Anytime Taxi: 301-637-9292
    • Regency/Barwood Taxi: 301-990-9000 or 301-984-1900
  3. Give the taxicab company this information about your trip:
    • your “Free COVID Taxi Code”,
    • your name,
    • your phone number
    • your trip details (date, time, origin and destination)
  4. At the end of each trip, sign the trip voucher the driver gives you.

Trip payments

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation pays taxicab companies for these trips. Payments will be the taxi meter rate fare for the trips to and from the clinic locations.

Other transportation options

For other transportation options to get to and from COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics:

  • Connect-A-Ride, 301-738-3252, (age 50+ and adults with disabilities)
  • Senior Connection, 301-962-0820 (age 60+)