Community Recovery Advisory Group

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The County Executive’s Community Recovery Advisory Group (CRAG) are trusted representatives of communities severely impacted by the pandemic, as well as community members who are subject matter experts on an issue relevant to recovery.

The CRAG is chaired by Elijah Wheeler, director of the Montgomery County Collaboration Council.

As partners and an important aspect of the County’s whole community approach to recovery, these leaders meet with the County Executive and senior leadership on a regular basis to:

  • Convey the needs and challenges of Montgomery County communities
  • Provide input on the recovery process for Montgomery County
  • Provide the communities information about the recovery process.

The CRAG will advise the County Executive and County Council on the needs of the community in recovery and how the County can achieve a new normal that is more equitable than before the pandemic.

For additional information about the CRAG, please contact Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Adriana Hochberg.